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This website is intended to be a tool for understanding what the elements of Mughal Architecture are and how they come together to make Mughal Architecture phenomenal. Experiencing Humayun's Tomb by viewing clear and focussed illustrations at your own pace, without distractions, and from the comfort of where ever you choose is far easier than most of the alternatives.

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To get around this site, you are encouraged to wander, clicking the images from page to page, as if you were wandering through the actual garden and tomb. If you would like a quicker way to skip around, there is an outline of the entire website layout with a link for every webpage to the right, and there is a key for this website's shortcut links below.

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Humayun’s Tomb’s Elevation


Humayun’s Tomb’s Garden

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To state it simply: If you would like to use any of the images on mughalarch.com, contact Nina Garman. ninagarman@outlook.com

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