Emperor Humayun's Garden Tomb

Cusped Arch

Corbel Brackets

A corbel bracket is a supporting element that uses corbelling to reach out horizontally from a vertical post to steady what is above. At Humayun's Garden Tomb, the material used to create corbel brackets is stone masonry stacked out and up at irregular intervals to appear organic and carved to resemble elaborately carved wood ornamentation, much like that of the local temple architecture. This feature is also prevalent in Sultanate architecture.


Corbel Barackets Supporting Baradari Porch

Corbel Brackets Supporting the Baradari's Porch

Corbel Brackets on a chhatri

Humayun's Tomb's blue-domed chhatris have complex corbel brackets.

View of a Corbel Bracket from the Side

A Corbel Bracket with Ornamentation that is Reminiscent of Sultanate Ornamentation

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