Ho'oponopono Certification

Since the art of Ho'oponopono was made public by Hawaiian Dr Hew Len it was taken up by Dr Joe Vitale and a ho'oponopono certification course for practitioner s created.

This site has been created to call attention to that course and describe what it is about and review its pros and cons. Essentially, the idea is to help a prospective buyer decide if it is right for them or not.

To achieve that end, there is a complete ebook in PDF format included in this site to make the full review easy to read and learn about. That PDF document can be accessed here:

Ho'oponopono Certification Review (PDF)

What Is Ho'oponopono?

ho'oponopono certificationYou can go straight to read that document if you wish for the full review, or you can stay here and read a few more lines on this page which will provide an overview of what the strategy is all about and how it can help you to improve the state of your life in good measure!

Here we have a technique derived from ancient an Hawaiian prayer method that was used to cleanse a person of all harmful and negative energy brought about by certain actions and the bad emotions they created in that person that were held onto deep inside. It is actually a method of self forgiveness and mental cleansing that renders all bad emotions and harbored feeling of guilt or shame to zero.

By removing all the negativity, this technique liberates the person from the metaphorical weight on their shoulders and allows them to regain their "old self" and enjoy life once again.

Why Become a Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner?

There are a number of reasons why becoming a certified practitioner of ho'oponopono[1] would be a great idea. First of all, by completing the course by Dr Joe Vitale[2] itself, you will learn a great deal about the techniques and strategies used in this process and how to use them for your own benefit.

Next, after using these precepts to essentially heal yourself to enable you to go forward in life, you can then begin teaching what you have learned and experienced to others. This can take the form of informal gatherings in your home, kind of like coffee mornings.

Alternatively, you can extend it to a larger scale by renting a classroom and teaching larger groups. You could even move up to lecturing or giving talks to colleges or company workforce groups and charge accordingly.

What starts out as a self-improvement exercise can become a fully blown business opportunity where it is certainly possible to earn a genuinely good living from speaking, lecturing and teaching students.

What Do I Need to Do?

The first place to start is to make the firm decision that you are going to get the course and study it thoroughly. Your task will be to really learn it and use the skills and strategies it contains for your own personal development and improvement.

That is important because before you can realistically teach a skill to anyone else, you must first master that skill yourself!

Merely reading the course then thinking you know it all because you memorized it is not enough. This is where an element of work ethic comes into play.

There are thousands of people walking around that learned all the stuff they were taught by memorizing and repeating what they read in books, but that doesn't make an expert out of any of them. To really "know" a subject, you have to go further than just memorizing a few pages of text.

You really have to get inside it and experience it by taking real action to put what you have learned into practice so that you can see and feel it working. This takes a lot more work, that part is true. But nothing of any consequence was ever created without its creator putting in a lot of work and effort.

Think about that for a moment. If you're truly serious that you want to learn how to use and then teach ho'oponopono to others, you must first have an in-depth knowledge of what it is and how it works. You can only get that through personal experience and by putting it into practice.

Tire kickers will never capitalize on their investment because they won't see it through. If you are a tire kicker, don't bother even getting the course. It won't do you any good to merely read it and put it down.

If you're serious, then get it, learn it, use it, experience it and be able to put your hand on your heart and say truthfully that you really know it. Then it's worth getting and benefitting from in many ways.


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