If you found this page and were wondering what this site is all about, it's here to tell you that is ho'oponopono certification courses and training programs.

dr joe vitaleOne of my favorite authors on subjects revolving around personal development and self help is Dr Joe Vitale and it just so happens he has authored a full featured practitioner certification course on ho'oponopono.

As you can already guess, it is his course that has made its mark on me and why I'm writing about the amazing ancient Hawaiian prayer process for healing and the removal of mental obstacles that are holding many people back in their incredible journeys through life!

Read, Listen and Learn

I like to read a lot as well as listen to podcasts and watch videos on a variety of self help topics. That's how I became interested in how ho'oponopono works and how it has helped me in my life and how, through sharing what I've learned it can also help you in your life!

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