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At Swasth, our mission is to provide good healthcare avenues and serve with a commitment to excellence in all that we do. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the doctors and the patients and be the go-to stop for medical care. We are dedicated to improving the healthcare by introducing E-prescriptions and offer delivery of healthcare solutions that set community standards are provided in a suited and accessible manner.

Who We Are

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"Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings.”We totally comply with this quote! Hence, at Swasth, we are trying to bridge the gap between the patients and the medical bodies that provide distinctive care and support to the patients and make them well-informed. Swasth guarantees excellence in the delivery of healthcare solutions as it incorporates technologies like cloud-based interconnection and blockchain making health care solutions easily accessible to the diversified population base.

Swasth will help people find doctors, chat with them and maintain a history of their treatment on the database. Not only this, to streamline all the proceedings like booking appointments, doctors prescribing electronically, communicating through video chat and online messaging, receiving diagnostic reports etc, we have come up with a tangible Swasth application wherein all this and more can be done swiftly!

So, no more worrying about where to go? Which doctor to consult? Having to carry medical records at all times and second opinions. With Swasth, you can easily connect with doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centres and enables a wide set of solutions pertaining to the nation’s healthcare infrastructure and allows the citizen to develop personalized healthcare experiences.

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Why Us? We ask WHY NOT?

Well, we help our stakeholders find the most effective solutions for their problems with finesse.

Crafted just for you

Our modules are crafted according to your requirements to provide you with a personalized template wherein you can include or exclude features according to your choice.

Quality at its best

Complying with the Indian Hospital Standards, Swasth is dedicated to providing a system that has the potential of delivering personalized and high-quality health care


Using Blockchain technology, you can be assured of your confidential data that cannot be misused and is kept secure with Swasth.


Swasth serves as an extension to the stakeholder’s support team by providing round-the-clock support and maintenance services. With our guaranteed service levels and reliable responses, we are a constant!


At Swasth, we don’t want to dig-in your pockets. Our plans are highly affordable and can be customized according to your needs and are delivered with sheer expertise.


At Swasth, we have made healthcare simpler by streamlining the processes that reduce the computing time and increase the personal interactions between the doctors and the patients.

Our Main Skills

At Swasth we assure all your data is C.O.S.T









Who all can be benefited from Swasth?

Our stakeholders

Hospitals / Clinics

Swasth has the potential to tackle break-through problems like patient database maintenance at a hospital/clinic. It can create eBinders solutions for Clinicians to improve the management and regulation of documents so that there isn’t any hassle of maintaining the paper-documents record. Hospitals/Clinics can access the documents in electronic format whenever required thereby saving the patient’s time and own efforts to provide satisfied healthcare. With Swasth, the role of the central administrator will cease as all the confidential patient information that requires quick access to information, will be streamlined and shared in a secure way. Hospital/Clinics can then will be able to offer services that are secured and scalable.


Doctors always have a time-constraint with them. With a streak of appointments at their end, Swasth helps them save their time helping them prioritise their work. How? You ask! Swasth gives an aid to doctors to have access to their old prescriptions in an electronic prescription format. Wherein, doctors can edit and make changes to it according to the current state of the patient. By preloading the prescriptions, they can finish off a consultation in no-time.


Swasth creates a medium that is citizen-centric by offering customized solutions and improve customer satisfaction by helping you connect with medical establishments easily. With the help of our cloud-based interconnectivity, patients do not have to linger on to know about their diagnostic reports or carry a hardcopy of prescriptions for that matter. Swasth makes you access your healthcare records at a single touch. You don’t have to travel distances for your appointment or worry about booking your appointments. Swasth help you book your appointments easily and offers a Video chat option so that you don’t get bothered due to distance. With periodic notifications for follow-ups and medicine refill, Swasth has got your back, always!


Swasth aims to transform the healthcare experience by being the ultimate destination for healthcare solutions. Digitising all the operations, Swasth aims to provide and easy and prompt access to high-quality healthcare.


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