How to cheat slot machines - hot spot machines

The Internet is bursting at the seams with guides on how to make machines with drinks, bars, as well as hot spot machines. And always, but always you will find exactly two sides: those who have proven methods that they use themselves (or their brother-in-law used and, according to his grandmother's honor, he swore it works) and those who lied to it. How to approach such discussions and can you really fool a one-armed bandit? Check Here

Watching the machine

The basis for success is most often indicated by observing a given slot machine and previous player's games. The rule is to be simple: if the machine has not paid anything for a long time, and a large amount has been thrown into it, then the machine should spend the "surplus" soon. It is also not worth sitting, as the gambling doctors say, to the machine that has just paid a big win or a few smaller in the stream of lucky draws.
No one has ever presented any hard evidence of this. Gambling machines operate on the basis of an algorithm that orders them to randomly withdraw a certain percentage of what they receive. It will be a different threshold for each machine, the payout is set to different frequencies and it is not possible to determine with a simple observation when the machine generosity occurs. The conditions for large withdrawals (indeed, withdrawals in general) are so complex and complicated that they would have to be observed for at least a year - without interruption. The turns are independent of each other, each machine has a programmed total randomness - all results (symbol systems) are just as random.

Manipulating the stake

Manipulating the bet is another "proven" way to win at slot machines. If the machine does not pay anything for about 5-6 turns in a row, you need to go down or increase the rate so that the machine switches to another algorithm and rewards the player. It is said that the higher the stake, the more likely it is to win.
But it is also said that in March it was like a pot, but so far nobody had a rain of jumble in the spring.
This can be compared to the Forer effect (the so-called horoscope effect), in which people find the descriptions given to be very accurate and personal, while they are really quite general. For example, for some horoscope readers, the prophecy will come true (if they properly match the events of their lives with the content of the horoscope), and for others not. It will be the same here: some players will notice first of all the moments when the machine began to pay out after changing the rate, so they will consider the method to be right, and others - especially those sitting in the industry for some time - not.

Automatic manipulation

There are legends that with the key to the machine you can manipulate it so that it begins to withdraw money. Some say that on older models of slot machines you can even press the right combination of buttons to enter the system and manually set the winnings.
No and no. If a key were enough, any service technician could set up machines for their buddies in exchange for their winnings. If there were keyboard combinations for breaking machines, a millionaire would live on every corner.
The cases of people successfully combining machines are known, but at the same time it is a common crime in the world. It is not treated as a joyful and harmless fun with the computer game code, thanks to which the characters fly around the board instead of running or have huge melon heads. The manipulation of an automaton is a crime punishable by prison

Online slot monitoring

Just like a slot machine in the city, online slots can also be viewed for payout frequency. Royal Panda Casino did it even for its players thanks to the Hot and Cold slot machine program. It is based on indicating machines that have not spat out anything for a long time (Hot) and those that have recently paid out big wins (Cold). And since the casino tells players what to play, there must be something in it, right?
Remember that the casino has no interest in helping players win. Yes, if many customers confirm that you can win there, they will attract more players lured by the promise of payouts from the machines. But the truth is that the number of winners does not increase significantly and does not prove that the theory of "hot" and "cold" machines is true. Other casinos simply promote the right slots with "hit" or "super win" labels, just as your neighborhood store can stick to "fresh".