Konker SEO Gigs are best.

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Konker is the gig style site that is for SEO and most of the gigs sold are by SEOs :)

This is a Konker Review, this site use to be called source market but Alex Becker changed the name awhile back. Its now Konker IO. If your looking to out source some of your SEO work then this is what you are wanting, a site that has much better offers than Fiverr or SEOClerks, it is a Fiverr alternative.  We have also made a excel sheet that contains the best konker gigs that we have personally used, that includes PBNs, PBN backlinks, press releases,map and video embed gigs along with Google drive file stacking, and many varations and popular styles of backlinking.Seethe below links for more.

G site
Links page
Best SEO Gigs sheet
Konker Articles

 Konker IO  also has an affiliate program that is killer. Its all free to sign up you only need a paypal account to do so.

Buying  Gigs On Konker

Again real simple, but just like all the other gig websites, you need to pay attention to the feed back and reviews left by recent users (buyers). If It sounds too good to be true it just very well may be. I also see that some pump up their reviews thru offer special links like PBNs or something that gets the buyer to leave feed back and has not really seen any results yet. So be careful on gig selection.

Konker Gig List

We have compiled a best list of the top konker gigs, most we have used ourselves others are there as others we know in the seo world have pointed out the best ones they have used. (no they are not the guys that are pumping reviews for free pbn links) 

KonKer Gigs

Dont want to cover what we stated before , but if your into seo for yourself or clients, then you need to check this site out

Konker SEO Marketplace

The marketplace has tons of gigs but the search function on konker IO is not so good.Thats one of the reasons I created the best gig list, to help others to find quality gigs.