Dear vocab enthusiasts,

Jeff Novich In 2009, I launched to help people learn vocabularly. Originally it was an idea about extracting sentences from real-world news articles to generate bite-size sentence completion questions. It evolved into a robust adaptive platform that delivered value for everyone from SAT students to English language learners around the world to school teachers eager for a product that helped their students stay engaged.

Over these last 9 years, I've learned a ton and met a lot of great people along the way. I worked through several major overhauls of VocabSushi and created a classroom product that teachers and students loved. There was even an iOS app.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, VocabSushi turned into more of a side project. The cost of maintaining the service, which was free for users, was not offset by the revenue generated from Google Ads. I personally could not dedicate any meaningful time to the project to improve it and it was clear it had collected dust over the years of neglect.

I reached out to a few ed-tech companies that I was familiar with to see if anyone was interested in acquiring VocabSushi so it could live on. That path did not work out.

VocabSushi is officially shut down.

Looking for another product?

If you're looking for other great vocab services, check out Newsela, Brainscape, Quizlet... there are tons!

Interested in acquiring the assets and domain?

If you're a company or individual interested in acquiring all of VocabSushi's content, IP, code and data, get in touch by emailing me at jeff [at] vocabsushi.

Thank you for all your support over the years!