New competition announcement from Transitus, Inc. up to $150,000 award in technology and services

The 2019 “Moving Forward Together: Paving the way for Social Mobility” seeks to draw entries from eligible University alumni, faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students and their industry partners. Organized by Transitus, a 501(c)(3) organization that focuses on innovative solutions for food and healthcare access, and jobs and workforce development for underserved populations and communities, the competition is envisioned as a cross-community event that brings universities, industry, and institutions together to identify and support innovative ideas for social ventures and social entrepreneurship on or near university campuses.


Teams should be largely university “student-managed,” and students from all programs and levels are encouraged to organize and enter the competition. Teams must include at least one (1) full-time university student, but team membership is not restricted to only students or university communities. It is, however, strongly encouraged to have a major university-oriented component (see FAQ for eligible applicants).


Teams compete for recognition, prizes and in-kind services totaling up to $150,000, which include:

·       Industry and Social Venture Development Mentorship

·       Prototyping and Service Design Workshops

·       Technology Development Services and Support

·       12-month Access to “Last Mile” Delivery Management Technology Platform

·       Networking and Recognition

·       Non-dilutive Prize Money

·       Additional leverage through the Team’s Own Cost Share and Industry Partnership


The competition is designed to create a safe, nurturing, (relatively controlled) sandbox environment where fledgling social entrepreneurs can try their wings; provide a way for social entrepreneurs with ideas to form teams, and; help teams build a robust prototype and launch plan for their proposed social venture or program.


The 2019 “Moving Forward Together: Paving the way for Social Mobility” is looking for entries that can innovatively leverage the new class of “last mile” technologies, infrastructure, and business models to materially improve the quality, convenience or stability of life for their target underserved population (or community) in the areas of food access, healthcare access, job access, job training or other critical need for social stability or economic mobility. Applications will be judged on the following criteria: innovative or effective use of the last mile paradigm, uniqueness of the underlying business idea, team formation and leadership strength, path to sustainability and social impact.


For more information and to apply, click here.


Deadline for submission is June 9th, 2019 at 8pm ET.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Who should enter the Moving Forward Together: Paving the way for Social Mobility Competition?


A. Businesses or organizations with a mission to create and sustain social value. Businesses or organizations that benefit society and promote active citizenship. A significant part of the venture or program activity is dedicated to one or more of the following: creating a positive social impact, improving living conditions, upward economics or social mobility, or environmental impact. Social Ventures can be non-for-profit, for-profit or hybrid.


Q. How do I enter the 2019 Moving Forward Together: Paving the way for Social Mobility Competition?


A. Click the link at and apply online. If you have questions, please contact Robert Lane, Director, Transitus at


Q. Who is eligible for the 2019 Moving Forward Together: Paving the way for Social Mobility Competition?


A. Applicants to the Transitus Competition must have actively participating leadership team members in major roles who are one, or more, of the following:


·       Matriculated university undergraduate student

·       Matriculated university graduate student

·       Full-time university Postdoc, Research Fellow or Resident

·       University faculty

·       Full-time University staff

·       University recently graduated alumnus (must have graduated from University within the last 5 years)

·       Non-university team members. Non-university team members may be part of the venture’s or program’s management team and may participate in planning the venture or program. However, the university team member(s) are expected to:

o   Be the driving force behind the new venture or program

o   Hold an executive or leadership role in the new venture or program

o   Own significant equity or provide significant cost share in the new venture or program


Q. Can I participate on more than one proposal or team?


A. In this, the inaugural year of the competition, there will be only one winner and one prize awarded, therefore Applicants are only allowed to participate in one proposal (although proposals are encouraged to include many organizations, teams, or industry partners to demonstrate potential impact or leverage).


Q. How do I claim my prize?


A. Winners will be announced on or about June 17, 2019 and will be contacted directly by Transitus. The winning applicant or team should contact Transitus within fourteen (14) days to claim their prize and coordinate the delivery of services with Transitus. It is recommended that winners claim and begin to to use their prize as soon as possible, preferably within three (3) months of the competition. Please note that winners are required to claim and schedule their prize within six (6) months of winning the competition. If a team is unable to collect within that 6-month period, a formal request for an extension must be approved by Transitus. Approval will be on a case by case basis.



About Transitus

Transitus, an Ohio-based 501(c)(3) private non-profit foundation, would like to announce the following opportunity to support social mobility in Columbus. The Transitus mission: To provide programs and platforms for smart mobility options supporting the transportation of goods, people, and services into and out of underserved areas, improving the quality of life for at-risk populations.

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