How to Watch Movies Online 

Watching movies online is a great way to experience entertainment at your home.  You've spent a long week at work or at school.  Long hours driving back and forth through traffic.  Or long days in the classroom.  Of course you want to have an opportunity to enjoy a movie.

The weekend finally gets here.  Its Thursday or Friday and you're wondering what you should do -- you check out the local theaters and there's nothing that really interests you.  Or maybe you just don't want to spend $30 or more just for a movie with you and a friend.  If its lots of friends, then you're paying $15 each and it gets really epensive  There's truly a better way.  Stay at home and watch movies online.  

The best thing to do here to find a good movie to watch is to pull up your favorite movie subscription service like Amazon or Netflix.  But the biggest challenge is narrowing down the list.  There are so many movies with not great filters to find the best movie you're looking for.  You want one with a specific genre, somewhat recent (not too old), and maybe rated PG-13 or R.  But definitely not rated G.  You just can't do this with those services. 

If you use an online movie search engine, then you'll be able to find and search for the best shows to watch, do it quickly, then find a link to the subscription service you want.  So its easy, find your weekend entertainment by going online and finding the best movie at your favorite service.

Online movies to watch