They say your circle of friends should include at least one doctor, one lawyer, and one accountant. But we say you should also keep at least one HVAC specialist on your cocktail party invite list. As gatekeepers of the backup plan for global warming and saviors to anyone who has endured a summer night in Phoenix with a broken AC, they’re kind of a big deal. Fortunately, their emergency scheduling needs and on-call employee shifts are complex problems with elegant solutions on the Skilled platform, black-tie optional.


The original “high-tech”, plumbing was greeted with immense appeal when it debuted in 2700 BC and has remained popular ever since. Now taken for granted daily as all the water in the house streams magically with controlled precision, these humble, fun-loving professionals sport plungers and commodes as logos and are the heroes that keep it all flowing behind the scenes. Skilled similarly runs every aspect of their businesses in the background so the only thing they have to remember is to wash their hands before using our mobile app.


To meet a landscaper is to turn green, with envy. These folks get to spend their days in the sunshine creating beautiful settings for the world to admire, they stay physically fit without having to hit the gym, and virtually every one of them embodies the inner peace of a yogi, sans the tight pants. However, even though they may have stumbled onto a secret portal the rest of us missed, it doesn’t shield them from things like expenses, pricing, payroll, and taxes. That’s where Skilled can step in and demonstrate its own proficiency with green stuff.

handyman services

The Swiss Army knife of home service contractors, there’s no job that handymen aren’t up for the challenge of taking on. A woman’s trusty go-to, and a man’s pride-swallowing contingency plan, they provide one-stop-shopping for their customers and they deserve one-stop-shopping for their business software in return. Skilled’s all-in-one software platform is just that, and from allowing customers to book themselves to tracking parts usage on service calls, it’s always handy. Those old MacGyver episodes made a lasting impression on us too.


When the first square of tissue in your bathroom toilet paper dispensers have been folded into something more interesting after a housecleaner has serviced your home, you’ve probably found a keeper. Like good housecleaners, Skilled knows that attention to detail is what separates the best from the rest, and that’s what business users will experience on our platform. From our email marketing and invoice customizations to our low inventory notifications, it’s like finding tissue origami in every room of the house.

pest control

Licensed to kill, pest control specialists are trained assassins that can make problems disappear. Skilled can do the same thing in return, albeit without lethal force. By making use of our recurring services and online booking features, pest control businesses can allow their customers to choose a service frequency that best fits their needs, accept payment information for automatic billing, and then tend to a schedule that is optimized by our genetic algorithms, which act like pesticide on inefficiency.

and more...

The above are our core industries, but we help service contractors in many other industries as well. Our feature-set allows us to manage virtually any business, but customer booking and scheduling is where you’ll find our biggest competitive advantages. We have a patent pending, service pricing model called convenience pricing that allows your customers to choose appointment time-windows for a lesser price, because time-windows allow Skilled to optimize your schedule and reduce your costs. Or they can pay a premium to book an exact time if they have a tight schedule - it’s up to them. We calculate the extra costs to your business and help you set prices so that both you and your customers get what you need.

In order to do all this we wrote complex software algorithms that use artificial intelligence to arrive at solutions that regular software cannot compute. It’s allowed us to do some pretty amazing things that we think are going to change the service contracting industry forever. But just having smart software running under the hood doesn’t mean it’s good software unless people can use it, so we’ve spent most of our time making our smart software also easy to use. Combined with the rest of our all-in-one business platform, and its intuitive interface, we’ve created a distinct look and feel that’s uniquely Skilled, and we’re confident that you won’t find a better service contracting software platform anywhere in the world.


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