How to choose SEO agency

Very often on forums, social media, Facebook, discussions between businessmen the question of which hands to entrust with online activities, including website positioning. This is an important decision, because choosing the wrong agency or internet marketing person can not only fail to bring any results, it can even damage our visibility. Of course, there are also people for whom such a choice of SEO / SEM agencies is a matter of life or death in the online business, here it especially refers to people who think that hiring an agency will cause it to sell itself. Salaries? Well, the account is to return 10x as much. Unfortunately, this world doesn't work that way. In this article we will answer one (in total, several, but one main) important, but this is a very important question, how to choose an agency in the context of SEO activities?

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Check credibility

Check the agency's website, social media, reviews, and how many more professionals it employs, is it a reputable agency or a suspicious "noname"? Of course, freelancers and small agencies can work very well, but you should think about why one agency serves 1000 clients and the other 50? Why do some have a large number of customers and others not so much? Is it really a matter of capacity?
In the case of larger agencies, there will always be negative opinions, so you should approach them reasonably, because the base of cooperating people is larger. It is normal that out of 1000 clients, e.g. 50 will be dissatisfied, and in the case of a mini agency cooperating with 50 clients, there will be relatively fewer such malcontents, let's assume 5. And it is independent of the quality of activities, there is always someone who does not match something.

Check what work the agency will undertake as part of the campaign

A very simple matter, ask the question what the agency will do as part of its work. The list of work should be public and transparent and then reported so that you can check whether the activities have really been carried out. Only then will you find a good agency.Check here tight slice

Does positioning for the effect work? Should you choose an agency operating "for effects"?

Definitely not. Agencies operating in the 'for effect' model very often choose effects that will not translate into your business. What does it mean? The proposed actions will not necessarily be profitable and will not develop business. The only sensible accounting model is "for work done". Of course, you can account for sales, but this applies only to large companies that transfer the majority of marketing to the agency. Virtually all service companies operate on the principle - You pay and we do something for you. Why would agencies act differently?

Can the agency promise some traffic / growth / sales through SEO?

If the agency promises golden coconuts, sales and even increases, unfortunately I have to disappoint you. Due to the nature of the search engine, promises are not possible. We can estimate, analyze trends, but if the agency promises that it will definitely be like this, beware! Even the best and largest agency in the world can not guarantee the effect. Google itself said on this issue: "No one can guarantee the first position in the Google ranking. Beware of SEOs who claim to guarantee rankings, have "special Google layouts," or advertise "prioritizing" sites to Google. "

Do I have to do anything when I "buy" positioning?

No. You need to collaborate, share information, send materials. Especially when the budget is small, the more you give from yourself, the better results we will achieve. From sending up-to-date information on company operations, to implementing recommendations, or writing additional articles. Cooperation is the basis of good results, regardless of the agency we work with.