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What is a drywall patch?

A drywall patch can refer to several things, but ultimately it refers to the repair of a hole in drywall. There are many different ways that drywall can get holes in it, such as by nail holes, human-made holes, and various other accidental holes. A drywall patch is a typically performed by a professional drywall contractor, who cuts out the damaged drywall hole and replaces it with new sheetrock. They do so by cutting a square around the damaged drywall area, laying in the new piece (either with braces or not), applying drywall tape around the edges, and layering drywall putty or joint compound over the drywall tape. After multiple sanding layers, the patch should be smoothly integrated with the rest of the wall.

Should I patch drywall myself or hire a professional drywall patcher?

This all depends on your skills with DIY projects, your budget, and whether or not you desire a quality job. For businesses, it makes sense to hire a sheetrock contractor since it can be written off as a business expense and since employees are not being paid for building maintanence. For homeowners, however, attempting the repair themselves is common. For those that are adept at DIY projects, there are hundreds of YouTube videos out there that show step by step how to patch the wall. Yet for other homeowners, it may make sense to hire a pro if they are nervous they'll make the situation worse. Whether it will save you money to do it yourself is debateable. For example, you may have a hole that is difficult to reach without a scaffold or a ladder, tools of which you may not have. Even if you did, it may require a particular amount of skill to complete. Moreover, hiring a pro would save you the money of buying a new ladder (not to mention the tools needed) and the hassle of repairing it yourself. A final consideration is how important is the quality of the repair. Some locations in a house are less commonly seen, such as a closet. In these kinds of locations, you may want to attempt the repair yourself since a poorer quality repair job will not be seen by guests. In high traffic areas of the house like the living room and kitchen, you may want to consider more diligently how a poor repair job will reflect on the rest of the room. For businesses that need to maintain their aesthetics, hiring a pro is a no brainer.


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