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Thankfully, you can get Content Samurai at a 25% discount off its normal price. (This link will send you directly to the checkout page.) So, instead of its retail price of $47, you’ll only pay $35, saving you $12 a month forever (again, for as long as you keep your monthly subscription after clicking on the previous link and taking advantage of this discount deal).

Content Samurai is an online video creator software (application) that helps you create fast, easy and professional-looking videos within minutes. It allows you to insert articles into the software and it automatically creates a good-looking video using the text from the article you inserted. It can also add great images, video backgrounds and even text to speech voices.

Content Samurai promises that you can “Create Stunning Videos Fast” with their app. You can use Content Samurai video creation software to turn articles, blog posts and shorter pieces of content into videos in minutes, or so the creators claim. I’ve spent a lot of money having freelancers create videos for me, so I figured I would give Content Samurai a shot.
Look at the screenshot I attached above. I want you to look at the left sidebar. The #01 “Getting Started” video is what I just walked you through. You can see there are more video instructions. The videos are between 2 and 5 minutes long each, so it doesn’t take long at all to become acquainted with the software. The 5 additional training videos include the following topics.

I’m so pleased with this software that I have been paying a monthly membership fee ever since my free trial expired. I use Content Samurai for YouTube affiliate marketing. You can too. Just add a link to your affiliate offers in your video descriptions. I also turn plr articles into videos. That’s right, I don’t have to write anything. I just create videos from plr content. Check this video to see more about Content Samurai Free trial:

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I really got sucked into that first video. I really, really liked what content samurai had to offer. One thing that was pretty tip-top is that it emboldened all the key words in your video. Like it drew my stare to the topical words. I think I may just give this a shot when I have some free cash laying around. Not right now because it’s the holidays and I’ve just had to sell my soul for my sons Christmas! Haha.
December Update: The Black Friday weekend deal may be over but since new features and brand new templates and audio clips were just added, you can still receive a discount on the Content Samurai monthly plan by purchasing it directly through this checkout page provided by the Content Samurai team ($47/m $35/m). Alternatively, this special trial will give you a discounted Content Samurai monthly pricing, along with the Ultimate Video Traffic Blueprint for free.
You can also get a discount on the Content Samurai annual plan (just $297 instead of $397) by purchasing the Video Traffic Blueprint (on sale now) from the Content Samurai team first. After acquiring the Blueprint, you will receive a special annual discount offer via email follow-up. Additional, evergreen discounts are available below, in the pricing section of our Content Samurai review (new users can get the Content Samurai annual plan for just $252, with a $45 bonus to our readers. See new discount offers near the bottom of this review). Review best discount and your free trial here:

Content Samurai is a service that produces videos based on text, audio, and video content that either you provide or use the extensive video and image stock library that comes with the license. The objective of Content Samurai (you can get a free trial here or go directly to a $35/m discount checkout page here) is to enable anyone to make rich videos quickly and with minimal effort: the software does most of the heavy lifting.
Download The Ultimate YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet for free here, and you will be presented with a video and an offer to get Question Samurai for just $3 (Question Samurai helps you discover the exact content your customers are actually looking for when they search for your keywords in Google and YouTube). After that, you will receive an offer to get Content Samurai for just $35/m or $297 for the whole year (which is $24.75/m, half off the regular monthly price).

It is important to sit down and ask whether using Content Samurai will really bring in the marginal fifty (or twenty-five if you go annually) dollars a month that it needs to make it a good decision. Part of this will depend on the length of time you intend to keep and use Content Samurai. If you have your material ready, you can do all the work in just one month (or have a virtual assistant do that for you). You can get a lot of videos done in 30 days, pause and resume the license only if/when you will need it again in the future.

Another great Content Samurai discount option would be to purchase the Video Traffic Blueprint from the Noble Samurai team for just $49 $7, and as a one time offer, you can grab an annual Content Samurai plan for just $297, which is less than $25/m. You can also download the free YouTube SEO Cheat-Sheet, and if you watch the thank you video and get the keyword research tool Question Samurai for $3, you will be presented with an option to get Content Samurai at a discount for just $35/m or $297/year.

Content Samurai lifetime plan: We had many readers ask us about a discounted lifetime plan for Content Samurai. The Noble Samurai team has never offered a lifetime plan before, and we can’t predict if they ever will in the future. However, once you get Content Samurai at a discount ($35/m or $297/year), you lock that discount price for the lifetime of your account, including recurring charges.
New Content Samurai Users Discount Offer; If you are a new Content Samurai user and decide to get the discounted annual plan by using any of the offers you see above, send us an email, and we’ll send you an additional $45 bonus to your PayPal within 48 hours. That’s just $21 per month when buying for a whole year (55% off the regular monthly cost)!
Up until now, those videos were pretty hard to make and took a lot of time. Content Samurai makes the core process of video production for marketing far more accessible. Will there be an audience for these videos in great enough quantity to justify the price tag? That will come down to the individual business. Some have audiences that are more amenable to video, and others do not. The 50% Content Samurai discount offers above makes this matter slightly less significant.
There are a few technical quibbles with Content Samurai, like the fact that you can’t upload to Youtube/Vimeo/Facebook directly from within the interface, but these are relatively minor. For the most part, Content Samurai does exactly what it claims to do: turn text, audio, video, and images into one video product very quickly and easily. If that sounds like it would benefit your marketing efforts, then you owe it to yourself to at least try Content Samurai.
So here we go I just load the video down as we now enter content samurai itself, I love this sort of samurai guide load at the ultimate Christmas time and so the samurai's in Christmas time is awesome and now we've done intro sort of - I sort done the intro slide and that's just something I have learnt just using the system awesome too and nice couple of slides especially because the contents on the Fritch site tends to be written by the people and just myself as the editor comes along and does the audience stuff with it. So narrowing slide content samurai I started actually creating the video.
So off we go I am going to speed this thing up so we can get through this content samurai review really quickly and show you there is much details as possible, so let's dive into the slides. So I am just going to slow the video down just a second again. It's really cool in the slide editing area because below is absolutely loads and loads of different beams. I really like the versatile stone effect sort of a blackboard effect in a way, I'm going for this one I am going to pick the green and the stone effects, yeah the really cool thing is just released content samurai now allows you to upload your own videos so we can actually upload an intro clip.

Then I'm going to grab from our photo and just going to video template. Then we go to that now uploading and while the intros for our video intros is uploading I'm going to upload the other couple other images and if you want to find images and we love this as well they have a image finder that just goes out there gets creative comes with images completely for free all that stuff that you going to need to use in commercial videos because pretty much every video is technically commercial so you need commercial license images so that can happen just here, and because I always create intro....first couple of slides are intro slides or intro backgrounds I will just go and upload the images for these first couple as well. So I can speed the video up and we can fly through this slide creation super fast and get into recording the audio.
So as we run through here quick thing to notice I was actually using content samurai on 3G internet connection from my phone just to prove that it could work on pretty much any platform with any internet connection even I've tested it on slower connections then I average brow by half brow half brow speed and it still flies and works amazingly and sounds amazing. So yeah so just couple of things if you don't have great internet connection you're all good. So as you see here we are going through....and I'm going through creating the slides, the really nice thing is there's really loads of styling options they've got bold, italic, underline, hide, text and can also split text so sometimes if slides don't generate in the way that you actually wanted them to generate then you can actually split the text to the next slide or again if is you got text on the two slides then you want it on just one you can join slides up but 99% out of a hundred you get them spot on rarely do I have to go and split text up. If I do it's more of a personal choice rather than maybe a technical decision, kind of; so yeah it's really good on that front and you know hats off to the team. And it's improving everyday that's the awesome thing is the guys are working on it all the time like 24/7 if there were like so there is always new things and it is always just tweaking and getting that tiny, tiny bit better you know content samurai is great as it is and its cooler everyday it has a new thing there's a new feature bought into.

You can see here that I have been uploading my own images. I think it's great you know if you got certain section of your article that you just have this image that just has to be there then awesome go and use it I do, and if not the find images tab that they've got goes out and get some great images for content samurai. You can use them to insert nice and easily and then I think in a minute I will show you some layer options as well so you can lay the actual slides out in different ways to sort of give it behind the actual text or half half, you know text one side images the other and what obviously the content samurai is so much easier than PowerPoint, content Samurai is much easier than PowerPoint they go just a quick 7 or 8 minutes and all the slides are done. So easy.
So as you can see notes a couple of examples that I jot down into the actual original recording it's just so quick even on that death slowing connection that I was doing this on and it works with 3 and I could have done it even with uploading actual files to drop box I have been using content samurai and it hasn't skipped a beat it still sounds fantastic, so yeah can't say enough about the guy who actually created this so you see here the...I actually get this wrong a couple of times and that's no real issue because if you get it wrong you can just click the re-record button and it re-record it a few times. This is one very short thing at the moment but I actually believe the update they brought out couple of days ago that that particular box gone if you do a huge great list you can actually split them up for audio a bit easier, that's awesome and yes I'm firing through here. I love at the top how it's got the number of sentences left to record that's really helpful to know and it's kind of really encouraging as well. I mean it only takes about 10-12 minutes to I think to...when I time myself to actually record this is a 700 word article so it don't take too long so you need to just fly through here.
So yeah really in content samurai you can get a video out there in a; a great video out there not just like a crap two minute video; I'm talking a decent video with good content in about 30 minutes. Get that up whether it's YouTube and optimize it properly by your top of ranking [00:08:34.00] so yeah you see I'm flying through here. The longer sentences I kind of got some of it wrong so just hit the record if you want to preview what you have done, if you think you may have said a word that doesn't sound right or something you can actually just preview what you have done and there I'm done finish recording the audio.
And as soon as you finish recording the audio you just hit on to the next slides and it creates what timing, takes a bit of time but it's all cool while you doing that I was just getting my YouTube channel ready to be uploaded and yeah the good old bouncing Samurai, the content samurai knows I love him ... [laughing] and the next thing to do is actually go through and listen just double check your video.
So you might notice there that the audio is kind of over pushed and driven and sounds a bit tinny, that's my apologies to make this content samurai review I actually...I export this video about four times to four different places so I kind of crush the audio down a bit but it works fantastically adding scenes like content samurai if it get slide area slightly wrong you can just manually adjust it and it's absolutely fine and yeah, now I'm actually going to adjust a couple of sections so split up one of the slides and then I am going to add audio, I'm going to add music to the final slide deck.
So there you go I'm just going through the rest of it I'm previewing it and checking it's all there and when you are done you can click 'looks good continue' and gets on to section where you are generating the final video. This just takes you a couple of minutes. You can go away and make your coffee, and you do another website and you come back and it would have done it's thing in the background that's absolutely fine as I said content samurai has an awesome image finder and actually even gives you a link you can reference just in case YouTube gets funny about you having various images and stuff in there. I always think it is good to reference where you get images from because hey the photographers put the time it's going to take them so if I can I am going to reference them and content samurai gives you a nice link straight know it automatically generates it so you can link that straight away really easily and this is just going through generation slides and video. It's, I mean content samurai what it's done for my company and all my clients that I work with as well it allows me to create videos superfast and actually have impact and get found in the rankings and I can really say it's the ones who that has literally changed the way we create contents and changed the way people are receiving our contents. In another post I will talk about the ways that you can also you this video to create other contents but its endless....we create a podcast out of this, we created video podcast, we export it to slides, share so create a slide deck and it's so many more ways that people can now view my content because we run it through content samurai, so pretty much any blogger, any business owner, any startup certainly just to have this ability to create so much extra content and content that people want is just priceless.

Text Animation is becoming extremely popular. Without a doubt, the popularity is due to a dominant marketing company; the crew from Noble Samurai recently launching a web-based platform that makes text animations are a reality. The product they realised is called Content Saumari and it is absolutely ninja. The artificial intelligence of Content Saumari blows me away each time I use it.
Recording the Audio – this can be done via a portable audio recorder such a Zoom H1, H2n, H4n, H5, or Tascam DR-05, DR-40, 22-WL. Alternatively, you can use an audio recording software such Adobe Audition or Audacity which is completely free for Mac and PC. Something worth noting is that both EasyVSL and Content Samurai have the functionality to record audio directly within the application. I personally wouldn’t recommend this is it’s easier importing an audio file rather than trying to record ‘in-house’. 

Video editing software for prosand beginners.
Like me, you may need to use a combination of some or all of them. It all does depend on your personality and what type of video you’re making. The Best Video Creation Software might very well be something in the pro range like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere. Realistically speaking, for the everyday user who needs something simple and easy to use, the best video creation software might be something simple like Content Samurai where it’s all cloud-based some super easy to use. If you’re more comfortable working on a desktop software, then Easy VLS or Explaindio might be the app for you.
The majority of this software will provide you with an unconditional money back guarantee for you trail the software. Explaindio, Easy Sketch Pro and Easy VSL all come with has 30-day money back guarantee. Content Samurai only has the 7-day guarantee which is enough time for you to tet and get a feel for the software; especially if you watch my bonus video. This is designed to enable you to take the plunge and try, test, play without taking any risk on your behalf. This so awesome. take advantage of this and try before you buy. Give it a full crack at it. Smash out some videos and determine which one works for you. Which one works well with your natural productivity style.
In this Content Samurai Review we will explain what this software is all about. Content Samurai is a type of online video creation software which assists you in creating easy, professional-looking and easy videos that don’t require any previous technical expertise or experience. One of the main advantage surrounding this software is the fact that you wont need to personally appear before a camera.

Content Samurai has also undergone continuous updates since 2015, which means this company cares about and is dedicated to their customers. Today, there are numerous software’s available for creating videos, yet many stop their updates and, in some cases, stop working altogether. On the other hand, Content Samurai was created by a professional team, which created a keyword tool known as Market Samurai which many online marketers are already aware of.
As soon as you have completed choosing your images and editing the slides, it is time to move onto the next screen. It is here that you are able to choose from the audio options. This includes choosing from only music or you have the choice to upload your pre-recorded voice track. A Wav or MP3 file is recommended. Some users suggest not using the “record your own voice” track option as this system is not that great for this.
From here, choose one idea from the list and add 5 to 7 bullet point under the idea. Now all you need to do is Copy and Paste the idea and the bullet points into Content Samurai, followed by a final proofread to check for grammar or any spelling mistakes. Add in a couple of extras if necessary and there you have it, you have already created your very first video content. You can also change the images to match up to your video or underline, italicize or make some of the words bold.
You can also choose to use free online tools such as audacity which works on PC or Mac where you can make recordings of yourself reading the notes aloud. Try keep your voice upbeat and don’t change your accent, it is also okay if you make a few mistakes. In most cases consumers relate far more to people that sound real compared to the perfect types of voiceovers. Practice this every day for at least a month.
The over-the-shoulder style videos are created to teach or demonstrate something on the computer. For quality results, this type of video requires a tool like Camtasia. It may require you to record a voice over explaining what you’re doing. And, again, some people don’t like the sound of their own voices and would prefer not to have to speak on video.
I prefer manually uploading videos as it gives me greater control over what channel I upload the video to. I always make new videos Private (hides the video on YouTube) while I edit the video title, description, tags and thumbnail image for SEO purposes. Once that’s done, only then do I make the video Public (makes it available for anyone to watch).
If you’d like some good video templates to use for your video projects (even if you don’t use Content Samurai), these 5 templates are currently on an 85% discount flash sale ($7 instead of $49, though the offer might be over by the time you’re reading this). The reason I mention them is that if you end up buying them, there is a one-time-offer to get access to Content Samurai for $297 per year. That means you’d be paying the equivalent of $24.75 per month for the service – a 48% discount.
Hi, Gary thank you for this information. It’s funny that you say that a lot of people don’t want to be in videos I know I happen to be one of them lol. I know that eventually, I have to come out of that fear and really incorporate some videos on my site. I have never heard Samurai since there are so many companies out there doing the same thing. However, I like the fact that you gave a review on this product because it does help when making a decision as a consumer.
I just started using the video maker that uses slides. I did not use this one because of the price. It does take a little more work to produce my uploads, and I did find that it does make a difference in traffic if you include the video on the post. I am one that does not like to be on camera, this makes it easy to make videos and not use my radio face.
Gary this is a very information packed article. My first reaction was not so good because I don’t like a lot of ads in the middle of the content. However as I read on I see that most of what is there is other relative content videos and not ads, (except for the pureflix ad) although you may be affiliated with those producers and making a commission on them. So once I realized that then I got over my aversion to them.

Hey Gary, Iove this article and thanks for sharing. I keep reading reviews about Content Samurai but can’t make up my mind because of the price. I understand it has a ton of value which I can kind of justify for the price but then again in this review they are saying it is great. Would love to get your opinion on it and is it something someone needs when first starting out. Thanks again for the tips. I’m on the fence if I should sign up or not.
Hi Dylan, Content Samurai normally costs $47/mth, but if you go through any of my links, you’ll get a 25% discount so it’s $35/mth. There’s usually a 5-day sale once a month where the price is dropped to $29/mth. That’s the cheapest you’ll get tool for. There hasn’t been a sale in July (2019) yet and I’ve received no notification of one coming this month so far.
I used to use both Content Samurai and Instant Video Wizard to make videos. IVW had more features for a then similar price so that was my favoured tool. But support didn’t address a long-standing issue with the aspect ratio of images and when rendering videos, it was a bit unstable and would sometimes crash and not save the work you’d done for that video. Video rendering times were slow as well. I compared the two tools in this post on my other website.
So, is it worth paying for? For me it is but for you and anyone else reading this, that’s a question you have to answer for yourself. If you’ve little or no money to spend, then even $29/mth, let alone $35/mth can seem a lot. How often do you intend to create videos? The more you create, the cheaper the cost per video and the more justified the monthly fee is. If you’re looking at creating a video a week, then maybe the monthly fee isn’t worth it.
Content Samurai was created by Noble Samurai, an Australian software company that develops cutting edge applications and innovation software to help internet marketers maximize their online marketing success. The company is built on top of years and years of Internet Marketing experience and has already produced household names like Market Samurai (a keyword research tool) and Scarcity Samurai (a conversion booster WordPress plugin).
That being said, I am planning on making a video for each post on my niche websites so that way I can get traffic not only from Google but, from youtube as well! Before this software I could have used Videoscribe which is a whiteboard animation software however, I couldn’t really create videos as fast and it was just whiteboard animations which aren’t as engaging as the clips you can use with content samurai.
Content Engage will offer Better Discount, Vouchers, Coupon Pop-up that will help to turn every visitor into potential customer.Convert your visitors into paying customers with instant offers. Boost your sales by 30%, Increase fans & followers on: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+…by an avg. of 25% monthly, Grow your email list immediately, It’s Easy to use. Easy to love – No design or coding skills required.
This video looks at the Content Samurai automatic video creator software to make videos with photos and music. In our opinion, the Content Samurai software is the easiest way to make YouTube videos. The Content Samurai software makes videos quickly and easily, from a written script, with no filming required and no need to show your face or talk. So ideal if you do not want to get in front of a camera yourself and you want software to make videos with pictures and music. And here comes how to:

This video was made with the Content Samurai automatic video creator software and we are now up loading daily videos onto our sister channel (Healthy Bodies) using this software. We have only been using it for a short time yet have managed to make over 100 videos and our analytics on our other channel are now starting to really accelerate. So why not give Content Samurai a try, it has certainly given us a great boost on our other channel. It is ideal for making videos with a voice over (automated or your own), with an option of either photo or video clips on each slide. We're very impressed! It is truly the easiest way to make YouTube videos with photos and music.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only. This is provided to help give you ideas and suggestions to start or improve your business, we take no responsibility as to the accuracy, content or success (or otherwise) of any of the products referenced at any time. This video was made with the Content Samurai software and we are now up loading daily videos onto our sister channel (Healthy Bodies) using this software. We have only been using it for a few weeks yet have managed to make over 30 videos and our analytics on our other channel are now starting to really accelerate. So why not give Content Samurai a try, it has certainly given us a great boost on our other channel. It is ideal for making videos with a voice over (automated or your own), with an option of either photo or video clips on each slide. We're very impressed!