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A Basic Guide To Apartment Leasing Agent Training Apartment leasing agents are hired by residential rental property owners to help them find a tenant. If you want to become an apartment leasing agent, you need to consider the training that you need. The problem is that there are no educational standards for leasing agents and some agencies will not require you to have any formal training. However, there are certain training programs that you should consider before you apply for any jobs.
Certificate In Real Estate
One of the study programs that you are able to complete is a certificate in real estate. This is a recommended course for anyone who is looking to enter a career in real estate. The only requirement for this course will be a high school diploma or a GED. It is important to note that these training courses will generally not state whether leasing is covered.
The certificate course that you complete will vary depending on the licensing laws in the state where the school is located. However, the coursework will generally cover the basic principles and laws of real estate. Brokering mortgages will also be covered along with how to appraise real estate. How to manage real estate properties will also be covered as will real estate financing rules and options.

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Apartment Leasing Agent Certification

If you want to specialize in apartment leasing, you should consider an apartment leasing agent certification. In order to apply for an apartment leasing agent course, you will need to have a high school diploma or a GED. You should also look at getting some experience in the real estate field before you sign up or while you are completing the course.
It is recommended that you need to get at least 6 months experience as a leasing agent. To find these positions, you will need to look at online job boards and social media. There are also some apartment communities that will post job vacancies on their websites or in classified adverts.
The apartment leasing agent courses will generally be offered by a local college, university or apartment association. The National Apartment Leading Professional course, which is considered the best to complete, is also available through the NAA website. There are many reasons why this course is considered to be the best.
The course will cover a range of topics related to apartment leasing that will not be included in a general real estate certificate course. The course will also cover rental policies and procedures, how to conduct a leasing interview and all of the legal aspects of leasing. This knowledge is vital to being successful as an apartment leasing agent.
Once you have completed the coursework, you will need to apply for the NALP examination. The exam will cover all the subject matter in the National Apartment Leasing Professional course. In most cases, the exam fee will be included in the tuition of the course. Once you have passed the exam, you will be awarded a certification credential.
It is important to note that the certification status of your NALP certification will expire in a year. To keep your certification status active, you do not have to retake the test. You will need to renew the status by paying a renewal fee of $50. In addition to the renewal fee, you will need 3 continuing education credits as well to renew your status.