Creating Productivity
Secure Remote Access Solution—Industry 4.0 Enabler of Your Industrial Machines
Secomea is your choice for a reliable, responsive, long-term partner in the automation industry. We offer the markets most complete, scalable and cost effective solution for remote monitoring, maintenance and data logging. Our solution is security certified and easy to use. Set up in under 15 minutes - no IT skills needed.
High-Force Hygienic Electric Cylinder for Demanding Food/Beverage Processing Needs
Tolomatic hygienically designed all-stainless steel electric actuators offer up to 7868 lbf (35 kN). IP69k-rated and 3A/USDA approved, ERD hygienic cylinders are clean-in-place compatible. Select an all-stainless package with the Tolomatic Your Motor Here® database. Built-to-order in 15 days.
eWON Cosy 131 - Award Winning Remote Access
Let’s skip costly support calls! With the new Cosy 131, engineers can benefit from reliable and secure remote connections to PLCs & HMIs in the field for easy troubleshooting. Discover the three models of the eWON Cosy 131 (Ethernet, Cellular & WiFi).
LUTZE LOCC-Box for Remote Monitoring and Protection of 24VDC Control Circuits
LOCC-Box innovative features include:
  • short circuit and overload protection
  • adjustable trip current range (1-10A)
  • five adjustable trip curve characteristics
  • digital output trip alarm signal
  • remote reset & on/off functions
  • optional Gateway communication capabilities
  • 100% accuracy
  • UL Listed
    Can Your CAD Do This? Increase Productivity, Reduce Costs?
    EPLAN’s powerful database architecture for electrical engineering enables users to increase productivity and accuracy through automated content generation, error detection and direct access to data sets for more than 3,200 Mitsubishi components (plus over 600,000 more from 120 other vendors). Download a free trial of EPLAN Electric P8.
    What is e-F@ctory?
    e-F@ctory is Mitsubishi Electric's approach to improving performance across the manufacturing enterprise to achieve three goals: Reduce total cost of ownership, maximize productivity, and support seamless integration.
    Easier, More Effective Ways to Manage Data
    Data is valuable only to the degree that it can be converted into information—a task that is becoming increasingly difficult given the frightening amount of data that today’s intelligent factories can generate. Yet failing to properly manage your data can minimize effectiveness of decision-making, risking not only productivity but also safety.

    What’s a plant manager to do? The best place to start is coupling your data strategy with analysis and visualization tools.

    Read here to learn about the latest ways factories are converting all those bits and bytes into actionable insights.
    Implement Your Dashboards—and Get to Value—Faster
    You’ve read about factory visibility and tracking key performance indicators to manage energy consumption, catch faults before they happen, propagate best practices throughout your operation and more. You’re sold on the value and are ready to get started. The question is how best to do it.

    You shouldn’t have to settle for the 6-12 month timelines so commonly seen in the past when factories adopted ERP systems. Instead, by following a few best practices from trailblazers, you can get your dashboard strategy started much, much faster.

    Read here for key actions to cut time from your dashboard-building efforts.
    Use Remote Connectivity to Boost OEE
    There was a time when diagnosing faults, optimizing throughput or just viewing performance data required a live person standing in front of the HMI. Industrial networking improved things a bit by enabling machine builders and maintenance crews to access wired devices. However, point-to-point connections were still needed, and they frequently were established only for situational troubleshooting. More recently, purpose-built appliances, web services and improved remote connectivity are making it possible for you to access, monitor and even program your equipment from anywhere as easily as if you were standing in front of it staring at the screen.

    Read here to learn how you can better utilize today’s remote capabilities to boost factory productivity and optimize equipment use.
    | Enabling Technologies
    image IoT Gateway and MES Interface products take the hassle and IT dependence out of connecting your plant floor assets, whether to each other, the enterprise, or the cloud.
    Learn More »
    | e-F@ctory Solutions
    Mitsubishi Electric’s e-F@ctory solutions include tools to support connectivity across your operation, facilitating both third-party and system integration. When the race is on to get a program up and running, count on e-factory solutions to seamlessly bring it all together—and fast.
    Learn More »
    | SCADA MC Works
    image Looking for a better view into operations? Visualization makes complex information easy to digest, helping you spot your greatest savings opportunities and gain new insights into factory performance.
    Learn More »
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