Shoot, slash, dodge and survive to blade combats in multiple kind of challenges to test your skills and claim your place in the Omega Blade hall of fame.



Multi range combat

Close, middle and lange range combat with flying droids and biped robots.


A leaderboard shows your position in each challenge, so you can try to dominate it.

Full body action

You set your own peace and combat style based on. Decide the way you want to play it.

Enemy types

There are several kind of enemies, and they attack or defend themselfs in different ways.

Body weapons grab

In the challenges menu, the screen will show you the weapons available and their body position. During gameplay, move your hand close to the weapon region and grab it.


Omega Blade don't set a single infinite wave, but a large number of challenges with different weapons, enemies, life, stage and goals combination to keep surprising the player and provide all kind of new feelings.

Per match rival

Each time you play a challenge, the system will pick a target rival score, and your main goal will be to overscore it.




We started developing this game because we didn't find the kind of experience we really would like to play when Oculus Quest was released. We expected for a long time a more physical challenge, with few to no aid on performing cool actions, so that anytime you do something cool you feel proud of it.
The game took several forms until its current state after we played a lot with our friends. It became an easy to use game that everbody can enjoy, but hidding at the same time a set of layers that hard players will use to their advantage or to become a real badass inside the game.
We would like everybody to play the game, so we released a demo full of stuff to play.