How to effectively reduce your appetite?

Let's start at the beginning - hunger and appetite are two different things. Man is programmed to demand food himself. My stomach starts to rumble, sugar drops - it starts to get colder, our hands are shaking, but these are just a few of the symptoms.
“Hunger is an alarm that our supplies are low and we need to replenish our energy. When hunger occurs, it means that the digestive system has enough enzymes ready to absorb, process and distribute new nutrients to the cells. "
“Appetite, on the other hand, is a state in which we think about food all the time, we cannot stop thinking about the fact that we want to eat something. You need to distinguish between appetite and hunger to effectively reduce body fat. "

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An appetite is a sudden urge to shove something into your mouth. It is a momentary whim. Although the appetite is also born in the head, it is not related to any physiological mechanisms, but sits in the head. It is he who makes you eat not only when you want to give food to the body, but for many other reasons. Most often to suppress emotions, especially negative ones - sadness, regret or stress. This type of appetite is also known as "emotional hunger." It happens quite often that the appetite for specific products is the result of a shortage of a specific ingredient. Food is often eaten when we are bored. . We have nothing to do, nothing to focus on, so we eat.
Constantly feeling hungry makes it difficult to lose unnecessary kilograms, but to get rid of it, it is worth getting to the cause.

How to deal with it?

 Drink a glass of water, wait a dozen or so minutes, and then check if you are still hungry. Too little fluid intake during the day can affect our appetite. It is a good idea to have a bottle of water with you to help you learn how to use it regularly. Even slight dehydration has negative effects, such as dry mouth, fatigue, urinary tract disorders and changes in blood pressure.

Eat lots of vegetables.

Vegetables are low in calories and provide a lot of fiber. Fiber swells in the stomach, stretching its walls and sending signals to the brain. Therefore, you should take care of the right amount of fiber in your diet. 20-40g - this is the recommended daily intake.

Eat the fruit. 

They have a little more calories than vegetables, but they also provide a lot of vitamins. When you want to eat sweets a lot, use fruit instead of cookies, candies or chocolate. If you can't control your appetite for your favorite sweets, try this advice.