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Team Records

Most Goals in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Colorado Avalanche11079Game Direct Link
2Washington Capitals11368Game Direct Link
3New York Islanders11508Game Direct Link
4New York Rangers1137Game Direct Link
5Washington Capitals1367Game Direct Link
6Detroit Red Wings1447Game Direct Link
7Chicago Blackhawks11247Game Direct Link
8New York Rangers11667Game Direct Link
9Edmonton Oilers11777Game Direct Link
10Edmonton Oilers136Game Direct Link
Most Assists in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Colorado Avalanche110716Game Direct Link
2New York Islanders115016Game Direct Link
3Washington Capitals113615Game Direct Link
4Washington Capitals13614Game Direct Link
5Chicago Blackhawks112414Game Direct Link
6New York Rangers11313Game Direct Link
7Edmonton Oilers117713Game Direct Link
8Edmonton Oilers1312Game Direct Link
9Detroit Red Wings14412Game Direct Link
10Pittsburgh Penguins17712Game Direct Link
Most Game Points in 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Colorado Avalanche110725Game Direct Link
2New York Islanders115024Game Direct Link
3Washington Capitals113623Game Direct Link
4Washington Capitals13621Game Direct Link
5Chicago Blackhawks112421Game Direct Link
6New York Rangers11320Game Direct Link
7Edmonton Oilers117720Game Direct Link
8Detroit Red Wings14419Game Direct Link
9New York Rangers116619Game Direct Link
10Edmonton Oilers1318Game Direct Link
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Colorado Avalanche110758Game Direct Link
2Colorado Avalanche1151Game Direct Link
3Edmonton Oilers15751Game Direct Link
4Tampa Bay Lightning116250Game Direct Link
5Vancouver Canucks117850Game Direct Link
6Washington Capitals13648Game Direct Link
7Dallas Stars19048Game Direct Link
8New York Rangers11346Game Direct Link
9Colorado Avalanche12546Game Direct Link
10Anaheim Ducks13846Game Direct Link
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Washington Capitals111223Game Direct Link
2Detroit Red Wings16219Game Direct Link
3Vancouver Canucks19519Game Direct Link
4New York Rangers110018Game Direct Link
5Los Angeles Kings111018Game Direct Link
6Columbus Blue Jackets113018Game Direct Link
7Montreal Canadiens1417Game Direct Link
8San Jose Sharks13817Game Direct Link
9San Jose Sharks19117Game Direct Link
10Arizona Coyotes113717Game Direct Link
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Columbus Blue Jackets113045Game Direct Link
2Florida Panthers1237Game Direct Link
3Montreal Canadiens118736Game Direct Link
4Buffalo Sabres118734Game Direct Link
5Montreal Canadiens16032Game Direct Link
6Florida Panthers16030Game Direct Link
7Tampa Bay Lightning1229Game Direct Link
8Tampa Bay Lightning14428Game Direct Link
9Ottawa Senators13227Game Direct Link
10Pittsburgh Penguins113027Game Direct Link
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Winnipeg Jets117442Game Direct Link
2Washington Capitals17038Game Direct Link
3Los Angeles Kings111038Game Direct Link
4Edmonton Oilers118538Game Direct Link
5Colorado Avalanche114237Game Direct Link
6Philadelphia Flyers15236Game Direct Link
7San Jose Sharks15435Game Direct Link
8Washington Capitals18734Game Direct Link
9Winnipeg Jets112834Game Direct Link
10Nashville Predators115633Game Direct Link

Players Records

Most Ice Time In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Alexander EdlerChicago Blackhawks17829:50Game Direct Link
2Aaron EkbladNashville Predators13529:15Game Direct Link
3Joe PavelskiPittsburgh Penguins110828:48Game Direct Link
4Aaron EkbladNashville Predators115628:48Game Direct Link
5Nathan MacKinnonSt. Louis Blues111128:45Game Direct Link
6Jeff PetryPittsburgh Penguins110828:33Game Direct Link
7Shea WeberColorado Avalanche110728:25Game Direct Link
8Anton StralmanMinnesota Wild115628:22Game Direct Link
9Alexander EdlerChicago Blackhawks114028:15Game Direct Link
10Brayden McNabbTampa Bay Lightning14428:08Game Direct Link
Most Goals In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Yanni GourdeCarolina Hurricanes1123Game Direct Link
2Brayden PointDetroit Red Wings1443Game Direct Link
3Alex PietrangeloVegas Golden Knights1553Game Direct Link
4Paul ByronOttawa Senators1703Game Direct Link
5John TavaresOttawa Senators11343Game Direct Link
6Bryan RustDallas Stars11413Game Direct Link
7Scott LaughtonSt. Louis Blues11523Game Direct Link
8Connor McDavidAnaheim Ducks11633Game Direct Link
9Mikko RantanenNew York Rangers11663Game Direct Link
10Evgeny KuznetsovNew York Islanders11703Game Direct Link
Most Assists In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Vincent TrocheckVegas Golden Knights1554Game Direct Link
2Taylor HallColumbus Blue Jackets1914Game Direct Link
3Mark ScheifeleColorado Avalanche11074Game Direct Link
4Erik KarlssonWashington Capitals11364Game Direct Link
5Dustin ByfuglienTampa Bay Lightning11624Game Direct Link
6Tomas HertlBoston Bruins193Game Direct Link
7Sidney CrosbyCarolina Hurricanes1123Game Direct Link
8Jonas BrodinNew York Rangers1133Game Direct Link
9P.K. SubbanSan Jose Sharks1273Game Direct Link
10Paul StastnySan Jose Sharks1273Game Direct Link
Most Points In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Mark ScheifeleColorado Avalanche11076Game Direct Link
2Mikael GranlundDetroit Red Wings1445Game Direct Link
3Taylor HallColumbus Blue Jackets1915Game Direct Link
4Conor GarlandNew York Islanders11505Game Direct Link
5Mikko RantanenNew York Rangers11665Game Direct Link
6Evgeni MalkinVegas Golden Knights154Game Direct Link
7Jonas BrodinNew York Rangers1134Game Direct Link
8Blake WheelerEdmonton Oilers1394Game Direct Link
9Patrick KaneTampa Bay Lightning1444Game Direct Link
10Brayden PointDetroit Red Wings1444Game Direct Link
Most Shots In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Kyle PalmieriNashville Predators11211Game Direct Link
2Logan CoutureSt. Louis Blues17811Game Direct Link
3David PastrnakNew York Rangers110011Game Direct Link
4Logan CoutureChicago Blackhawks111911Game Direct Link
5Joonas DonskoiSt. Louis Blues115911Game Direct Link
6Patrick KaneTampa Bay Lightning116211Game Direct Link
7Sam ReinhartWinnipeg Jets116411Game Direct Link
8Michael GrabnerPittsburgh Penguins1810Game Direct Link
9Elias LindholmColorado Avalanche12510Game Direct Link
10Jeff SkinnerWashington Capitals13610Game Direct Link
Most Shots Blocked In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Neal PionkBoston Bruins11157Game Direct Link
2Adam PelechBoston Bruins11687Game Direct Link
3Travis HamonicSt. Louis Blues166Game Direct Link
4Kevan MillerCarolina Hurricanes1316Game Direct Link
5Travis HamonicSt. Louis Blues1586Game Direct Link
6Erik KarlssonDetroit Red Wings1626Game Direct Link
7Ryan McDonaghWashington Capitals11126Game Direct Link
8Ryan EllisColumbus Blue Jackets11306Game Direct Link
9Mark GiordanoPittsburgh Penguins11466Game Direct Link
10Kevan MillerCarolina Hurricanes11486Game Direct Link
Most Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Adrian KempeNew York Islanders11505Game Direct Link
2Conor GarlandNew York Islanders11505Game Direct Link
3Mikkel BoedkerNew York Islanders11505Game Direct Link
4Adam LarssonWashington Capitals1364Game Direct Link
5Justin SchultzWashington Capitals1364Game Direct Link
6Anze KopitarVancouver Canucks1664Game Direct Link
7Cam FowlerVancouver Canucks1664Game Direct Link
8Dustin BrownVancouver Canucks1664Game Direct Link
9Jakub VoracekVancouver Canucks1664Game Direct Link
10Steven SantiniVancouver Canucks1664Game Direct Link
Worse Plus Minus In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Artem AnisimovColumbus Blue Jackets133-4Game Direct Link
2Jack JohnsonLos Angeles Kings166-4Game Direct Link
3Nick LeddyLos Angeles Kings166-4Game Direct Link
4Danny DeKeyserArizona Coyotes1106-4Game Direct Link
5Niklas HjalmarssonArizona Coyotes1106-4Game Direct Link
6Jonas BrodinNew York Rangers1118-4Game Direct Link
7Michal KempnyNew York Rangers1118-4Game Direct Link
8Brad RichardsonVancouver Canucks1150-4Game Direct Link
9Brett ConnollyVancouver Canucks1150-4Game Direct Link
10Pavel ZachaVancouver Canucks1150-4Game Direct Link
Most Pim In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Colton ParaykoOttawa Senators13217Game Direct Link
2Patrik NemethFlorida Panthers16017Game Direct Link
3Mattias EkholmColumbus Blue Jackets113017Game Direct Link
4Marcus PetterssonChicago Blackhawks114017Game Direct Link
5Jamie BennDallas Stars114117Game Direct Link
6Ryan GetzlafColumbus Blue Jackets114317Game Direct Link
7Nikita ZadorovAnaheim Ducks115317Game Direct Link
8Nick HoldenMinnesota Wild1615Game Direct Link
9Michael Del ZottoTampa Bay Lightning14415Game Direct Link
10Bryan RustDallas Stars110415Game Direct Link
Most Hits In 1 Game
#Player NameTeam NameYearGameValueLink
1Josh MorrisseyNew York Islanders18510Game Direct Link
2Alex TuchFlorida Panthers112010Game Direct Link
3Blake ColemanEdmonton Oilers118510Game Direct Link
4Tom WilsonBoston Bruins1309Game Direct Link
5Josh MorrisseyNew York Islanders1499Game Direct Link
6Danny DeKeyserArizona Coyotes1689Game Direct Link
7Brent BurnsDallas Stars1729Game Direct Link
8Tom WilsonBoston Bruins1939Game Direct Link
9Colton SissonsDetroit Red Wings198Game Direct Link
10Adam McQuaidBuffalo Sabres1268Game Direct Link

Goalies Records

Game Records

Most Goals
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers117713Game Direct Link
2Tampa Bay LightningDetroit Red Wings14412Game Direct Link
3Colorado AvalancheChicago Blackhawks110712Game Direct Link
4Chicago BlackhawksColorado Avalanche112411Game Direct Link
5Ottawa SenatorsBoston Bruins113411Game Direct Link
6Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Rangers116611Game Direct Link
7Washington CapitalsNew York Islanders113610Game Direct Link
8New York IslandersVancouver Canucks115010Game Direct Link
9Toronto Maple LeafsPittsburgh Penguins117610Game Direct Link
10Philadelphia FlyersVancouver Canucks117810Game Direct Link
Most Assists
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers117724Game Direct Link
2Tampa Bay LightningDetroit Red Wings14422Game Direct Link
3Colorado AvalancheChicago Blackhawks110722Game Direct Link
4Chicago BlackhawksColorado Avalanche112422Game Direct Link
5New York IslandersVancouver Canucks115020Game Direct Link
6Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Rangers116620Game Direct Link
7Ottawa SenatorsBoston Bruins113419Game Direct Link
8Toronto Maple LeafsPittsburgh Penguins117618Game Direct Link
9Philadelphia FlyersVancouver Canucks117818Game Direct Link
10Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Rangers13317Game Direct Link
Most Points
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers117737Game Direct Link
2Tampa Bay LightningDetroit Red Wings14434Game Direct Link
3Colorado AvalancheChicago Blackhawks110734Game Direct Link
4Chicago BlackhawksColorado Avalanche112433Game Direct Link
5Columbus Blue JacketsNew York Rangers116631Game Direct Link
6Ottawa SenatorsBoston Bruins113430Game Direct Link
7New York IslandersVancouver Canucks115030Game Direct Link
8Toronto Maple LeafsPittsburgh Penguins117628Game Direct Link
9Philadelphia FlyersVancouver Canucks117828Game Direct Link
10Washington CapitalsNew York Islanders113627Game Direct Link
Most Shots
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Colorado AvalancheLos Angeles Kings12585Game Direct Link
2Colorado AvalancheChicago Blackhawks110785Game Direct Link
3Anaheim DucksColorado Avalanche1182Game Direct Link
4Toronto Maple LeafsBoston Bruins13082Game Direct Link
5Philadelphia FlyersDetroit Red Wings110982Game Direct Link
6Philadelphia FlyersTampa Bay Lightning114782Game Direct Link
7Boston BruinsOttawa Senators111580Game Direct Link
8San Jose SharksEdmonton Oilers117776Game Direct Link
9Edmonton OilersSan Jose Sharks15775Game Direct Link
10Anaheim DucksVegas Golden Knights110175Game Direct Link
Most Pim
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Columbus Blue JacketsPittsburgh Penguins113072Game Direct Link
2Montreal CanadiensBuffalo Sabres118770Game Direct Link
3Tampa Bay LightningFlorida Panthers1266Game Direct Link
4Florida PanthersMontreal Canadiens16062Game Direct Link
5Edmonton OilersSan Jose Sharks17946Game Direct Link
6Winnipeg JetsChicago Blackhawks114042Game Direct Link
7Ottawa SenatorsDetroit Red Wings13240Game Direct Link
8Carolina HurricanesDallas Stars114140Game Direct Link
9Detroit Red WingsMontreal Canadiens115140Game Direct Link
10Buffalo SabresFlorida Panthers116938Game Direct Link
Most Hits
#Home Team NameVisitor Team NameYearGameValueLink
1Minnesota WildNashville Predators115661Game Direct Link
2Edmonton OilersWinnipeg Jets118561Game Direct Link
3Washington CapitalsOttawa Senators17059Game Direct Link
4Winnipeg JetsTampa Bay Lightning117459Game Direct Link
5Anaheim DucksSan Jose Sharks13858Game Direct Link
6New York RangersWashington Capitals18758Game Direct Link
7San Jose SharksCalgary Flames11157Game Direct Link
8Buffalo SabresFlorida Panthers18857Game Direct Link
9Philadelphia FlyersDetroit Red Wings110957Game Direct Link
10Buffalo SabresToronto Maple Leafs111456Game Direct Link