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We practice in one of the most diverse and complicated areas of law, known as wrongful death. A wrongful death can leave loved ones feeling shattered and empty. It can occur in a number of setting, such as nursing homes, motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, and unsafe premises. A death isn't always from an uncontrollable cause. Many assume they're safe in settings that bring unfortoled misery. Kenneth S. Nugent has been helping the loved ones of victims receive the consolidating justice they need and deserve.

Expenses can occur rapidly after a loved one is lost. Some victims were the sole provider for their family. This can lead to tragedy as those left behind struggle to support and maintain the comforts of everyday life. A mother may be forced to take a second job while raising three small children. Homes can be foreclosed upon, mouths can be left unfed, and simple bills can be left unpaid. We take it upon ourselves to pick up and glue together the catastrophe that negligence can leave behind.

Many families deal with funeral expenses that turn out to be too expensive to bare. A funeral can cost an upwards of $12,000. Arrangements are not made easily. Worrying about money after a loved ones lost can make this hardship way too much to bare. Consider hiring Kenneth S. Nugent when you've finally had enough of paying for a loved ones death that wasn't their fault.

Medical Malpractice in Savannah GA

It's sad as we all place so much trust into the hands of our physicians. The main cause of medical malpractice lies with sloppy practices made by physicians who are trying to get paid on a caseload that is too high for them to handle. While they turn a heavy profit, the loved one neglected ends up having a devastating effect on those who depending on him.

The most common cause of a patient's death is a physician who just wants to "Wait and See". This cause can even turn into a misdiagnosis as proper tests are not being run. Those who are receiving psychiatric services are often put on a "Wait and See" list, as the medications can take a while to take effect. This has lead to many suicides, as their pain is considered to dissolve over time, and can leave them desperate to end it.

Surgeons make mistakes due to time pressure in most situations. Booking surgery can be difficult as their are so many patients who require it, and only so many doctors who can perform it. While many think of a surgeon leaving something in the body, typically it is caused by the surgeon snipping something they shouldn't have. Negligence in the pursuit of money should not be accepted when proper justice can be attained.

Nursing Home Abuse in Savannah GA

Our law firm handles many cases that are of the most tragic nature. Some of these cases involve the abuse of those who are too defenseless to fight back. We'd all like to think of nursing home employees as compassionate and have a large amount of respect for their elderly clients. This isn't always the case. Nursing home residents can be hurt in a number of ways:

Workplace accidents typically happen in hazardous occupations. Oil rigs, electrical work, law enforcement are just few of many. Even when the job isn't a hazardous one, mistakes can still occur that can leave a loved one dicest. Our law firm can help with many of the hurtiles insurance companies put in the way of paying out a proper claim or paying out at all.

When an insurance company is being stubborn,it can leave you or a loved one feel pushed to return to work too early. This can make the injury worse or cause undue pain and stress. We fight for your rights to have a long and healing recovery.

Lost wages are often not taken seriously or are avoided by paying the employee a much smaller amount than they are entitled to. Employees are required by law to pay you workers compensation. Some try to avoid it; that's when Kenneth S. Nugget comes in.

Of course, employers are desperate to prove that there is no error on their part. A common claim among their attorneys is that the accident was the employee's fault. The truth is that many things can go wrong that are the employer's fault, not yours or your loved ones. Here are just a few:

Savannah GA Faulty Security

We expect our kids to be safe when we send them off to college. It's hard to guarantee it sense we are no longer able to keep a watchful eye. Dorms are supposed to be guarded and secure, so that no one can hurt these budding adults. Typically, only students with I.D.s are allowed to enter the premise without checking in with a guard. Unfortunately, the security that's supposed to watch out for your child's safety often lacks. Unsafe visitors get through guards all the time at a number of student housing facilities. This can expose your children to sexual abusers, drugs, and theft. Our lawyers work to receive justice for families who have seen a loved one get hurt because those who were charged to protect failed them.

Video surveillance doesn't just serve as crime surveillance. It is also a system put in place to catch a crime if it unfortunately occurs. Convenience store workers are the most likely employees to be victims of violent crimes caused by burglars and robbers. Police need surveillance to help your loved ones receive justice after one of the most heinous crimes occur.

Broken alarm systems can be placed in the home by a security company. This impedes the service they were supposed to give you. We all want to feel safe when we enter our home. Many hire security companies to monitor for intruders, call the police, or sound an alarm when an unwelcome visitor enters the home. While most burglaries do not result in death, it does still happen. when a loved one is killed in the home it is often tragic as usually someone who cares deeply for them discovers the body.

Our lawyers take security companies and employers to court when they do not offer the people who trust them proper protection. Your loved ones death or injustice would have never occurred if the right protection was put in place.

How Can Our Savannah Law Firm Help When Heinous Negligence Occurs?

When it comes to medical malpractice, it takes medical experts to prove it. Our attorneys can help access and present the evidence in court. Our best medical experts are always on the case to perform an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of mistakes that may have occurred. Witnesses, other employees at the hospital or your family, can have seen the malpractice occur. Everyone will be thoroughly interviewed.

Paper work can often be quite a burden on families when negligence results in expenses and loss of income. There are a number of different benefits that require mountains of it. Some of which include:

Our Attorneys Help You Recieve Your Loved One's Savannah GA Life Insurance Benefits

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Life insurance companies often try to cheat their grieving clients. They may try to only partially pay a claim or not pay it at all.


Insurance companies will often try to argue that their not obligated to pay if the tragedy was caused by a loved one taking their own life. This isn't always within legality as many of those who commit suicide aren't thinking of their insurance policy at the time. Most insurers will offer a grace period to prevent those who are planning on commiting suicide do so so their loved one's can receive the claim. Often, there is no recourse; however, our attorneys may be able to fight to get you a partial or full claim.


Insurance companies will often come up with clever delays. These delays are put in place to prevent them from paying for as long as possible. Some of which are reasonable, reception of a death certificate allows them to make sure the death actually occured. Other hurdles are put in place to prevent them from paying out the money for as long as possible. Our law firm will force them to pay, because you need it right now.

Our Attorneys May Reach A Settlement Instead Of Going To Court

Most lawsuits end in settlement. Court costs are expenses and it can create added agony when you have to stand as a witness. Employers and other culprits will often accept giving a settlement to avoid court as it could end up costing them a lot more money in the end if they lose.

A settlement is reached when our lawyers negotiate and litigate with the other side's attorneys. Our law firm is expertly led by attorney Kenneth S. Nugget to reach the right conclusion.

About Kenneth S. Nugget

Kenneth S. Nugget has been practicing law for over 30 years to bring justice to families of all classes and education levels. Wrongful death lawsuits are never taken lightly as he has seen the devastation and hardships families undergo when a wrongful death occurs. Our mission, based on his philosophy, is to provide legal access to those who wouldn't be able to afford it if an immense bill needed to be payed.

Kenneth S. Nugget completed his studies at State University of New York when he received his bachelor's degree. Shortly after, he returned to Georgia to attend the University of Law in Georgia. He has dedicated his life to serving the Georgia community ever since.

He is available day and night. Accidents do not take a holiday when its an off hour. Our law office will always have someone on the phone immediately after an accident occurs.

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Our law firm currently has eight locations in the state of Georgia. They are proudly serving the Savannah area, as well as seven others. When it comes to finding an attorney, you need one as local as possible. Laws can very on a national, state, and local basis. These areas all interact with each other when it comes to how cases are treated and fighted in court. Finding a lawyer that's as local as possible will lead to the justice you deserve.

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