Konch Magazine - Pillow Places by Theo Konrad Auer




                        Pillow Places

                        by theo konrad auer



            I just realized

            over my 2nd cup of coffee, this

            time, iced,

            black, no sugar,

            as usual, that

            I'll need a new desk even

            though I rarely

            start things on it,

            The proper H.L. Mencken quote will

            arise later and it'll be your favorite, mine

            too and I suspect it'll be The Devil's Dictionary definition

            of Idiot or Cynic or Idealist and

            sometime around then, no

            telling when, I'll be

            building a cradle with the remains of the desk and    

            I'm not sure, no,

            if it is a boy or a girl or

            if it was for me or

            for someone else or

            even if it was mine but

            I am fairly certain

            that when it comes to curtains and calls

            from rooms the next over that

            I was THERE and a new

            mythology was created and

            I helped populate

            your airy bubblegum worlds with

            domesticated dinos(aurs) and

             well intentioned pups not quite on par

            with Buster Keaton or Charlie Chaplin but

            they certainly had it where it counts.