Konch Magazine - Charlie Chan's Birth in San Francisco's Gay 90s




THE TRAVEL CHANNEL brings Television Viewers the acclaimed novelist Marcus Sakey, the best stories are about the worst people. The writer the Chicago Tribune named “the new reigning prince of crime fiction” As Marcus travels, he’s packing his preconceived notions, his old 19th century White racist  attitudes, and his willingness to be unimpressed by the Chinese he lords over like a White man. He walks the streets, meets the people, and takes a few bruises to reveal the Hidden City.  


Marcus Sakey, for White Art preached by Yellow)  Yunte Huang-and his book of testimony to Arthood for Our Father Who Art in Hollywood, Charlie Chan be Thy Name. Remember the 1890’s when Yunte Huang would have been called a “Christian convert” ?


Detective novelist Sakey, stomped out of Chi Town to Frisco tell the Cameron House lies of  the late Gay 1890s , then  on to Seattle to tell more lies about Chinese and the Chinese culture permerating the atmosphere that Yellow noses are sensitive to in a city by the sea  atown by a sheltered bay. Towns and cities by the sea Sakey has no nose for. His five o’clock shadow and collar up leather jacket walks his Chi Town tough guy 21st century eye on the 19th century lies about Chinese men of Chinatown Frisco, and new 19th century White eye on the 20thcentury Wah Mee Massacre in Seattle. 


Where were the Yellow journalists of Seattle, the Yellow journalists in the Yellow know  of what’s what when Marcus Sakey walked all over Chinatown? They broke the story, in Seattle. Kids that lived above the Wah Mee had grown up and run a business next door.  He talked to no one Yellow in Chinatown.


He never trips over the what the Chinese want to know:  If I run into him, on one of his city walks, I’ll ask him, “Why is ‘Chinaman’ a bad word for   a  Chinaman in San Francisco only?”


“I didn’t know that it was limited to San Francisco,” he might say.


“I know something you don’t know. And it’s about you White Man.” A moment of Shakespearean silence into Sakey’s face. “Do you know JACK & THE BEANSTALK, White Man?”


“Everybody knows JACK & THE BEANSTALK.”


“Do you know CINDERELLA?”


“Of course. Everybody knows CINDERELLA.”


“JACK & THE BEANSTALK, from England. CINDERELLA from France. How bout the Danish story about a baby swan among ducks, that sees itself as a freak duck and would spend it’s whole life, hating itself, till baby swan’s parents sail across the pond looking for the missing guess who?”


“THE UGLY DUCKLING by Hans Christian Anderson. Yes, I know the story.”


“Do you know POON GOO, THE GIANT?”


Shakespearean silence.


“Nur Waw the Mother of Humanity?”


“I know your stories, and your books.  Your books, White Man, purport to be the unchallegeable word of God, and he demands no other book be read.  Confucius and Sun Tzu  are methods of reading experience and knowledge to solve a problem,to complete a task. Confucius says, politely, to those who would rule, ‘Do unto others, what you would have them do unto you,’ what Sun Tzu says to soldiers, ‘Know your enemy as well as you know your self.’”


“Your point?”


“I know your JACK & THE BEANSTALK, White Man. I know what you’ have refused to know since the Gold Rush to Gum Shan  back in the days 49. I am Everybody. ”




“The Everybody,  Writers should write for. I am Everybody, White Man .The White man bans the books that compose the readable soul of the Chinese, as the Bible is the soul of the White man, as the Torah exists, so the Jew exists. If the Koran were not written, would Islam exist without a written prophet?” 


White San Francisco newspapers of 1929 began using “Chinese-American” for good Christian converts.


Whites of San Francisco have convinced eight generations of Chinese-Americans, since 1849, that only the White man  has written   books of the soul. The Christianized Chinese-Americans sold their souls to Whites for the good life, or in the new Chinese-American newspeak of the 20th century, the life of the good.  White religion become White Social Darwinism becomes Anthropology Sociology, merges with Cameron House Frisco style White contempt for Yellows that sees Yellows in the White papers become good “Chinese- Americans” petted as White pets, and “Chinaman” in derisive quotation marks Americans.


Ornamental Orientals, Yellows who give White Sociology charge of their Yellow souls. Their knowledge of themselves never goes a step beyond what the Whites of White racist Sociology know