Konch Magazine - Black Media VS. White Media by Katrina Bruce

Katrina Bruce



Black Media VS. White Media


            Beware of the power within media, for today it has an incredible impact on society, and has an interesting ability to teach certain elements, behaviors, and structures. To concentrate on something a bit more relevant to the class, media tends to illustrate African American Male/Female relationships between lovers, family, friends, and even coworkers in a light different from White media. To elaborate more, let’s use Basketball Wives and Baseball Wives to give validation to the previous statement.


            Black women, we all know what they’re good for; gossiping, creating/having significant involvement with drama, and the most famous stereotype of them all, attitude problems. These are just a few general labels made in regards to the show Basketball Wives. Basketball Wives is yet another black casted “reality” TV show that sheds a negative light on how our women interact within their relationships and amongst one another, whether it be partnerships pertaining to business or everyday personal relations. For example, two of the actress’s, Brandi and Malaysia, in one of the most recent episodes, had an issue with another actress named Draya. There’s a scene where all the women from the show have a gathering and begin to express their feelings on a rather rude comment Draya had made. As the discussion carries emotions rise and the tone of the conversation changes. This particular scene was later aired on the TV show TMZ with comments such as “Those women all have serious anger issues.”-Harvey Levin and “Typical”- Charles Latibeaudiere following. The message TMZ is implying teaches viewers the stereotypes that have always been implemented on the black community is relatively true.


            A cast of “Gold Diggers” and “Superficial females” are some of the traits the Basketball Wives allegedly possess, according to Extra Extra another show like TMZ. Sources from the show claim that actress Draya is a well-known “Gold Digger” because of the crowd she chooses to engage with. In several episodes of Basketball Wives Draya’s actions could be misconstrued for that nature. Although coming from another point of view, I don’t see her behavior to be of the gold digging nature, rather her making sure her circle consists of the same levels of success as hers such as; other basketball wives, basketball players, actress’s, hip hop entertainers, and even business owners. (Now days it’s all about who you know anyway). This actress is also portrayed as “Superficial” in Hollywood. Superficial being that some of her assets may have potentially had work done. Also that she hasn’t any sense of reality due to her involvement in the world of Hollywood; hence the label “Superficial”. What media is now teaching audiences about some of our sisters, or to the shallow mind, all of our sisters, contain the qualities of a “Gold Digger” and “Superficial” women.


            Strong, real, and successful women, are the kind of women you can find on Baseball wives (or so they say).  Baseball Wives, is a show identical to Basketball Wives in almost every nature, with two attributes differentiating them, the women are white and the sport is now baseball. Now, often, these women on the show are just as, if not more, “rowdy” as the women on basketball wives, “Gossip” just as much and “leach” if you will in reference to the Gold Digger label the basketball wives have so kindly inherited, as well. Yet, when the actress’s Anna and Tanya get into an altercation and discussion happens amongst the ladies just like the situation Brandi and Malaysia had with Draya in Basketball Wives, the ladies get reviews from E!, stating that “It’s always good to have a healthy discussion” and are later praised for expressing themselves. The women are viewed as “strong” for their behaviors. Media teaches this by glorification/kind words when critics comment on the show. Baseball wives are typically married or were previously married to a baseball player thus landing them onto the reality series, but the key factor here is, so are the women on Basketball Wives. These women married into their riches if you will, just like our sisters on that show, but media teaches viewers that the Baseball Wives are successful and the Basketball Wives are “Gold Diggers”. Nevertheless, most women in Hollywood today have had a bit of plastic surgery done onto them, like majority of the women on Baseball Wives. So the “superficial” comment directed towards Draya is a bit offensive. I must say though, being an LA native and growing up there all of my life, I’ve certainly witnessed the works of Hollywood. It’s almost the inevitable to not be consumed by “Hollywood” and earn the title of superficial.


Definitely for a lack of better words, Media is the devil. Media implements a lot of pseudo teachings on society. Media is one of the strongest influences in our world today next to drugs. The unjust and false labeling of our sisters on Basketball Wives gives proof that racism/verbal segregation is alive. It’s extremely unfortunate, but look at the way we are displayed and the structure of our relations across the board in black media, white media, other media, and media period! With the information provided anyone could see what party media truly favors, who’s still in control, and the image they want our community to continue to maintain.