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Lincoln Brower’s Mexican colleagues standing inside the remnant trunk of a giant tree that characterised the overwintering area before modern logging. The tree is likely a cedar, cut down in the early 20th century. The site, called Las Joyas, is on the southwestern face of Cerro Pelon, and was occupied by overwintering monarchs during the 2007-2008 season, and in various prior overwintering seasons according to local lore. Pictured here: Front: WWF field researcher Martin Cruz Piña. Back (left to right): WWF field researcher Adriana Valeres, Hotel Cayetano owner Pablo Span, geographer from UNAM-Morelia, Dr. Isabel Ramirez, and UNAM ecology student, Raul Zubieta. 15 February 2009. (Photo L.P. Brower, Sweet Briar College). Photo: Dr. Lincoln Brower, Sweet Briar College