Meet "Baby Katy 2.5"
By Adrienne Deliso, Guide/Naturalist at San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico

Photo Adrienne Deliso, Baja Ecotours

We named one of the newborn calves "Katy 2.5." This happened because every time we were in the boat named Katy 2, this cow/calf pair would come to the boat. By the end of the week guests were scrambling over who would ride in Katy 2 because this boat was the "magic whale attractor!"

A Big Tease
Baby "Katy 2.5" is about 5 weeks old in this February photo. She is just full of life! She teases us by staying just out of reach as guests hang over the boat and try to pet her. Then she will suddenly lunge forward with what looks like a large grin, with her eyes bright and locked on the boat and people she is flirting with. She is a joy to watch! Mom is a bit shy. She keeps close tabs on baby but comes closer enough for some pets now and then.

A Loving Bond
It’s amazing to see the close bond between mother and baby. We all are moved at how the baby whales slide across mom’s back and are constantly touching mom. Sometimes when the baby is at the side of the boat, mom is just under the surface, watching with a cautious eye.

Power and Beauty
We have watched this same mom/calf pair when it was time for them to move on; suddenly mom porpoised out of the water, dove with her huge fluke next to the boat, then breached only once just a little way out from the boats. Such an incredible display of strength and protection for her calf! We all were in awe of the power and beauty of this whale.

Try This! Journal or Discussion Question

  • In what ways are whale moms and babies like human moms and babies? Write a paragraph or make a Venn diagram to show your thoughts.