MRS. BLACK's Integrated Crane Projects
(Thank you!)

Teacher Margaret Black has created a flock of craniacs in her Canadian classroom! She is the brains behind Whooping Crane Central, the ever-growing website that shares all her students' Whooping crane projects and learning adventures. She is an inspiration to us, and we are proud to introduce her to teachers who enjoy seeing what's happening in other classrooms. "The migration can become the cornerstone in a cohesive integrated unit," says Mrs. Black. "I hope that's what the "Projects" portion of our class web page illustrates to people." See:

  • Computer Lab and Journey North >>
  • Craniac Pen Pal Exchanges: Kentucky and Tampa and Texas
  • Prediction Graphs >>
  • Writing: Letter-writing Campaign to ExxonMobile (coming)
  • Citizen Action: Mile-makers! >>
  • Math: Cash for Cranes >>
  • Math Chart: Migration Progress in Kilometres >>
  • Art: Amy's 3-D Pop-up Crane Craft >>
  • Art: Cranes at the Ceiling >>
  • Art: Half-Life-Size Paper Maché Crane Project >>
  • Social Studies: Television Crew Films Mrs. Black's Class >>
  • Touchdown Press Release and Celebration Party >>
  • Success! ExxonMobile Donates to Operation Migration >>
  • Media Literacy Studies: Poster Contest >>
  • Class Summary >>
  • In Memoriam: After the Storm — Life Lessons for Primary Students >>
  • Take-home Project for Families: Spring Migration Arrival Log >>

Thank you, Mrs. Black and Craniac Kids!

Journey North is pleased to feature this educational adventure made possible by the
Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership (WCEP).