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When you decide to buy barbeque outdoor grills, the best Weber grills are no doubt the best models to go after. Not only Weber brand has reputation for excellent quality, long lasting grills, they also provide the 24/7 customer support that you'll hardly find anywhere else.

Weber Gas Grills

A typical Weber gas grill in this line provides even heating and precise control over the cooking temperature. The prices are also moderate and even though they are slightly more expensive than the competition in the same range, you are making a wise long term investing buying one of these Weber grill models. The only notable complaint we have heard is people reported having problems with the grill cover, which has two large square meshed vents at the top and does let water leak through under the rain. So this grill will not be compatible for patio set ups without roof cover. You can also buy the natural gas version (US only). Click here for full review of Weber Genesis E-330. Weber Summit will make the perfect purchase for business owners, restaurants, BBQ grill bars and big families, especially if you plan on using it as a commercial grade unit. This beast will survive even the most heavy abuse and work load.

Weber Charcoal Grills

So we can fully recommend the model Weber charcoal grills that are not only very functional and easy to use, but also offer an excellent price-performance ratio. Alternatively, the compact built grill provides excellent heat distribution and also convinces by a very good price-performance ratio. If you are serious about grilling and want to get perfect results, you should pay attention to some features that are not to be missed with a good barbecue. For all models with covers, a well-functioning thermometer should be mentioned here first, so that the temperature inside can be precisely adjusted. Also, a grill is recommended, which is coated accordingly and can be cleaned quickly and easily. If you are looking for a kettle grill that will work reliably for several years, you will not get past the Weber model, even if it is priced - objectively - very expensive.

Weber Electric Grills

Saturday barbeque nights are always the best. Aside from having a great bonding time with the whole family, it is also a perfect time to relax from days of hard work from the office. We have been looking out for a barbeque grill that could replace our old one that has already passed out after years of great service. I asked some of my friends for suggestions and they recommended that I have Weber Q1400 Electric BBQ. At first I was a bit skeptical about purchasing it because it is an electric grill and not a gas grill. However, when I searched the net for more feedbacks from the consumers, I finally decided to give it a shot.

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