In 2018 the new North Park network was completed, and an experimental downtown public network was setup through the Library's fiber backbone. In 2019 we'll be adding WiFi to the beach, making the temporary downtown network permanent, adding public webcams, and experimenting with one possible approach to a "city-wide" network. Currently aiming to cover from First/State, 3-4 blocks South; if you live along that route, reach out.

Software/food ordering

In 2018 the code was put together to be able to pre-order food from local establishments with a smartphone, but not implimented. This will be completed, along with a modern/simplified business directory, and it will liklely be put into a native mobile app, with some other features. If you have feature ideas, feel free to share them.

Magic Leap Creators grant

We applied with the concept "Jurassic Beach," which is basically augmented reality dinosaurs. Should hear back in a few months.

Innovation Hub grant

We're attempting to qualify for an "Innovation Hub" grant, which would allow us to leverage up to $750k for a 1:1 match to develop the local entrepanueral ecoystem. As always, if you have ideas, or want to help this happen, noone's stopping you from contributing.