Oral B Pro 1000 Review

The Oral-B Pro 1000 is probably the entry-level models from Oral-B. Despite the low revenue price it has a pressure control and 3D cleaning. You can today read how the cost-effective electric toothbrush performs inside practice in our Oral-B Pro 1000 test record.

Design plus Build Top quality

The toothbrush immediately catches the attention with its interesting but guaranteed straightforward design and style and ergonomic shape. Even though it is an low-cost model, there is absolutely nothing wrong with its workmanship and appearance. The top quality of workmanship and supplies is good and correct to the price. In comparison to other electric hair brushes, the handpiece is comparatively compact and its excess weight is in the reduced middle range. Processing plus presentation are excellent and typically the toothbrush and accessories make a good impression.

Characteristics and Box Contents

Typically the scope of delivery is fairly small. Apart from typically the toothbrush, merely a clip-on brush and the charging place are included. But this specific is not surprising thinking of the affordable. All typical Oral-B brushes work extremely well with no problems. The basic functions regarding the toothbrush include 3 DIMENSIONAL cleaning technology, a very sensitive pressure control plus the pre-installed Professional Timer. The tooth brush achieves 20, 000 pulsations per minute and up to eight, 800 rotations. This specific is considerably less compared to, for example, the even more expensive models from Oral-B. Whether and how this specific influences the cleaning overall performance will be clarified afterwards. Further additional functions or special features are regrettably not available. For a new very affordable price, the Oral-B PRO 1000 provides a good, basic range of features. Tip for couples in addition to families: The Pro 1000 is also available as Pro 650 being a financial savings package with 2nd handpiece! Here you can conserve very a lttle bit of money!


Because of its ergonomic form, low weight and the active rubber coating, typically the toothbrush lies well in the hand. Apart from the basic functions right now there are no additional functions. This makes it extremely straightforward to use and the user cannot do anything wrong. The only BROUGHT on the front associated with the handpiece informs typically the user about the electric battery charge status. If the brush is pressed also firmly against the the teeth, the pulsations are instantly stopped with the sensitive strain control. Unfortunately, there is also no visual warning announcement. The Professional Timer signifies to the user of which he should change the brushing area after 35 seconds. After 2 mins, the ending of the particular brushing time is suggested by way of a longer vibration. The battery is relatively strong and a charge held up for about 5 days with daily use inside quality - certainly not necessarily a best value yet still okay. Via typically the charging station, the battery is fully charged within just almost 20 hours, which often is again extremely extended and is as a result of outdated battery technology. Did not have any problems whatsoever when testing typically the Oral-B PRO 1000.

Washing Performance

The head in the Oral-B PRO 1000 moves rotating, oscillating and pulsing - very good for an entry-level model. As a result, the the teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Typically the cleaning performance is also drastically a lot better than with the classic manual toothbrush : this was plainly shown in the test. The CrossAction slip-on brush offers diagonally arranged bristles. This specific implies that each tooth is individually enclosed and typically the user benefits from a really clean cleaning result. The tactile and visual washing sensation was very great in the test, although not necessarily as good as using the more expensive models coming from Oral-B. The teeth usually are reliably clean after typically the 2-minute brushing interval. Gumline are not stressed as much as most other Oral-B models, due to generally weaker electric motor and fewer pulsation. Thus, despite sensitive gums, our specialist would not experience any irritability or injury even inside the initial phase regarding the test. Considering typically the really reasonable price, typically the cleaning performance of the particular electric toothbrush is good - very good.

The final outcome

The Oral-B PRO 1000 is one of the particular most affordable models through the manufacturer Braun. This will be why the electric toothbrush has considerably fewer functions than the expensive designs. Sufficient for many people inside everyday life But the cleaning mode, the helpful pressure control and typically the professional timer are undoubtedly satisfactory for the majority of users in everyday life. Taking into consideration the particular good to very very good cleaning results, the PROFESSIONAL 1000 does not possess to hide from typically the high-end models. Weak level battery The battery efficiency is also good, also though a full demand needs a lot of time and the outdated dime metal hydride (NiMH) batteries advise a short lifestyle of the toothbrush. More: A lot more details about different electric battery types in the obtain advice Overall, yet , typically the PRO 1000 from Oral-B is the best electric toothbrush in the value range below $50.

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