Vaporization - advantages and benefits

It would seem absurd to say that smoking and inhaling anything would be healthy. Meanwhile, it turns out that vaporization, i.e. inhaling the bioactive substances contained in CBD hemp, is not only harmless to the body and the environment, but also has a health-promoting effect. We invite you to read!

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    At the beginning, it is worth asking yourself what vaporization is. It is nothing more than the evaporation of active substances from the dried hemp with a special device (vaporizer). Due to the evaporation that takes place when the herbs are heated, all chemical compounds are released in their clearest form. By inhaling the resulting vapor, the substances have a chance to enter the bloodstream along with oxygen, which greatly accelerates their action.

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 Much depends on the temperature of the substance being heated in the vaporization process. If we use low-temperature vaporization (up to 160 ℃), we get the effect of relaxation and increased concentration. In addition, the process of anti-inflammatory and anti-degenerative action will begin in our body. The moment the temperature is raised to 180, terpenes and cannabinoids will start to act more strongly, improving mood, increasing productivity and increasing concentration. When the heating temperature exceeds 185 ℃. You will most likely become quiet and then fall asleep. However, it should be remembered that at temperatures higher than 230 ℃, cannabinoids undergo a complete combustion process, and thus the active substances evaporate and the inhaled vapor loses its properties. The given temperatures are of course approximate data, so it is recommended to observe the body's reaction to changes in the intensity of heating.