Instagram is a very friendly social medium and due to the wide possibilities it creates for users, everyone can find their place on this platform. However, it is clear that it is more pleasant to create and publish content when it can reach a valuable audience. So how - in a relatively short time - to gather a broad and qualitative group of followers around your profile? Learn good follower acquisition practices that will help your profile gain popularity.

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First of all, give up all shortcuts. Do not believe, also, when someone promises you that thanks to cooperation with him almost immediately you will gain hundreds or thousands of new followers. By setting up an Instagram account, you commit to comply with the provisions of the regulations, and many of the ways to rapidly expand the circle of followers, contradict or even violate them. The black list of instagram activities include:

- buying followers - every, even the smallest money spent on a follower package is money thrown down the drain. Apart from changing the value on the meter, you gain nothing. Actually, you only lose because you negatively affect the reputation of your account.

- exchange of auditoriums in closed user groups - there are many mutual adoration groups on Instagram that mobilize themselves to gain followers and likes on both sides. It works very simply: profile administrators of similar size and similar topics join forces and take actions to re-direct traffic between profiles. Although this is not prohibited, it often leads to a fast influx of fans who, however, drift away just as quickly.

- using bots - it is still a very popular method, used by people focused on the rapid increase in the number of followers and account recognition. Bots leave short comments below other users' posts and do not interact with instagramers. On Instagram, unfortunately, they are already a real scourge, but website managers are trying to fight it. Using a bot is extremely risky - you can get a shadowban for such actions, Instagram can delete your followers' profile and even your entire account.

- beggars - it is a common practice that manifests itself through the use of hashtags such as # l4 or # f4f or by publishing pleading comments urging you to observe the profile. Such actions usually do not bring the expected result, on the contrary - they arouse the pity of other users and cause that the owner of the profile is treated as an ordinary spammer.
Remember that you don't care about your fans if they are not genuinely interested in the topic you are talking about and the content you make available. In this case, quality is more important than quantity. If you want to expand your audience and gain valuable fans, use our proven ways!


Get involved in developing your profile and focus on good fan acquisition practices. Surely, as time goes by, you will see that it will work out for good! Here's the best you can do for your Instagram account:

Bet on # suited to your niche - contrary to popular belief, you should not rely only on the most popular hashtags. Some of them are on the list of these hashtags precisely because they were used contrary to their purpose. Much greater benefits can bring you focus on niche hashtags tailored to the topic that your posts are devoted to. Remember that you have up to 30 of them at your disposal! It is worth using all and not limited to just a few or a dozen. Each marker is a chance to increase the group of recipients of the post. Also, don't get too attached to them - change the hashtags often, test new markers and analyze which ones bring you the most benefits.

Share on other profiles - this type of activity can take a lot of time, but is also the most effective. Do not spare hearts every day, comment and initiate interesting discussions. Act on profiles larger than yours and those already known. It will also be best if their themes are related to the one in which you move yourself.

Mark location - this will increase the chance that other users will find your profile themselves. The Instagram search engine has a "Places" tab. Thanks to it, users of the application can view photos taken near the selected location. This is a very useful option, especially for local businesses offering products and services. When a user sees a picture you have taken, they not only have the opportunity to like it and observe your profile, but they may also want to visit you and become your customer.

Redirect traffic to Instagram from your other channels - this method works especially when you are just starting your adventure with Instagram, but before you could be found elsewhere on the network. Place the Instagram directing buttons on your website or blog, add the Instagram bookmark to your Facebook account. A good idea is also cyclical reminder of activity on Instagram in Facebook posts and placing this information in the newsletter.

Don't compromise on the quality of the content - users will certainly not want to spend more time with you and your profile if they are not "bought" from the very beginning with the look of your photos, their quality and creative ideas for publications. You don't have to invest dizzying amounts for professional photographic equipment. Modern mobile devices are equipped with an arsenal of pixels and a resolution that a decent SLR would not be ashamed of. The key to everything, however, is the idea, interesting staff and adequate lighting.

Use the power of stories - because it is a format that quickly won the hearts of all instagramers. It can be used in a lot of creative ways. If you convince other users about your interesting relationships or yourself, it's basically just a step away from the fact that they will follow your profile!

Do not give up paid activities - if you take your presence on Instagram seriously and you can afford to introduce paid advertising, we encourage you to do so! Even investing small amounts can bring you noticeable results. Although it is much easier to use the "Promote" button in the application, there are definitely more possibilities offered by the Company Manager. At first, creating ads with it may seem a bit complicated, but it's worth familiarizing yourself with the Manager's functions, because detailed targeting will help you reach users who are particularly important to you.