How Do I Pick a Good Business English Course?

It's great that as an employer you want to invest in your team. However, consider how much time your employees can spend on learning English. Of course, the more intense the course, the more effective it is. However, do not burden your employees too much, because your gesture will become a torment for them, and thus discourage them from developing. And what is important, find out when the classes can be held. If your employees have to fly to the other end of town right after work, I think they might be dissatisfied.

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Decide where the classes are to take place

This is a very important factor. On the one hand, it is not worth choosing a language school located on the other side of the city. However, on the other hand, it is not worth choosing a given course only because of the location. Some language schools send their teachers to companies and this may be perfect for you. It will be much easier for one teacher to move around than for the whole group. So think about what solution and times were the best for you. And do not disqualify the first option. Who knows - maybe you have one of the best schools next door?

Choose specialists in English

You have decided to learn English for your employees. You are sure that expanding your competences in this area will be the most effective for your company. So bet on specialists in this topic. There are many language schools that have offers for everyone, in all languages. You bet on a company that specializes in English and it is best if it offers a program typically targeted at companies. Also find out which teachers teach in a given school, whether they have certificates and what experience they have.

Measure the effects

When you sign a contract with an advertising agency, you want to measure the effects of its work. You want to know what you pay for. This is absolutely normal and does not surprise anyone. So why not measure the effects of learning English? After all, you want to pay for the development of your employees' competences, which will probably translate into the efficiency of your company at some point. You have the right to know where you are at. Find out how you can monitor the progress of your team.