What is Derma Roller?

Derma Roller is a cosmetic device commonly used in beauty salons for various types of treatments. In recent years, it has gained popularity and is also willingly bought to perform treatments at home alone. It is a kind of roller with a handle and a replaceable, rotary head with needles, because the Derma Roller treatment involves just puncturing the skin.

How does Derma Roller work?

Regular treatments performed with Derma Roller bring great rejuvenating effects and improve skin condition. No wonder that this device is becoming more and more popular. The essence of Derma Roller's procedures is microcenthesis of the skin. Paradoxically, it is the mechanically destructive effect of the epidermis that leads to its rejuvenation. In this case, we use nothing but skin repair processes - and the needles are used to excite them! After insertion of the needle, the continuity of the epidermis is violated, and the needle reaches the dermis. This is a signal for our body - destruction has been done, you must act! The needles used in the Derma Roller are very thin and do not really damage the skin in such a way as to cause harm. In contrast, these microdamages are already sufficient to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis as part of the repair process. With regular use of the device, the collagen layer in the skin becomes thicker, which naturally results in a reduction of fine wrinkles, improvement of skin firmness and the shape of the face oval and narrowing of the pores. Violation of the continuity of the epidermis up to the dermis is a great moment for the application of concentrated, nutritious cosmetics in the form of ampoules - in this case we are sure that they will be absorbed very well and reach the target site of their action.
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How to use the Derma Roller correctly?

Before performing the procedure, make sure that we do not have contraindications to its use. Absolute contraindications are: infectious skin diseases, skin inflammation, blood coagulation disorders, diabetes, eczema, psoriasis, wounds, a tendency to keloids (keloids caused by collagen overgrowth), skin capillaries, allergy to any component of the device or ampoules. Before the procedure, the skin should be well cleaned, and Derma Roller previously disinfected (by spraying with a solution of 70% alcohol). Depending on the thickness of the needles (from 0.25 to 2 mm), the device heads are designed for treatments on the body, face or around the eyes (thinnest needles). Apply the content of the nutrient ampoule to the skin, and then puncture it until red. During and after the procedure, we can apply nutrients again. After the treatment, you can apply a soothing mask and it is important to properly care for the skin - the use of double the amount of cream, protection against UV rays, avoiding skin irritants, i.e. swimming pools, saunas, hot baths. Also, do not drink alcohol for 2 days.