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Professional Services & Technology Consulting With our partners award-winning printers and MFPs incorporate a durable imaging system, capable of handling hundreds of thousands of prints. This results in the greatly reduced costs required for consumables as well as the amount of waste generated..


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We are a service driven company specializing in office equipment service & repair, and we are always ready to asist you! jr copier printers tech.pngIT'S ALL ABOUT THE SERVICE!HP-Printer-Repair2-300x244.png Providing an average response time of 4 hours or less, our highly-skilled, factory-trained technicians can provide service today! Connect with our service team and here’s what we’ll do: Talk to you – we want to gather as much information as possible about issues with the copier or printer, schedule an appointment that works best for you, then perform the repair and get you up and running ASAP Analyze and diagnose the problem and let you know if: We can fix it immediately (80% of the service repair calls are completed in less than an hour) Sometimes the issue will be beyond what we can do in the field. We’ll provide an estimate and advise your next steps



Leasing a Copier (also called an MFP, for Multi-Function Peripheral) is an extended payment option for businesses or private parties who need to upgrade or replace their current equipment with flexible payment terms. Leasing allows you to pick a payment term (anywhere from 12-64 months in most cases) and lease type (FMV or $1 out). The difference is, FMV leases are simple and are the most common leases executed within the copying and printing industry. FMV stands for Fair Market Value, which means at the end of lease term, the customer or buyer (the Lessee) has the option to purchase the machine for sole ownership at that time for its Fair Market Value. This is an appraised value that is determined by the bank issuing the lease (the Lessor). A $1.00 out Lease, or “buck out” is even easier. It is identical to a FMV lease, but the only difference is what happens at the end of the leasing term. Once your lease comes to fruition, instead of the option to buy your machine for the fair market value, the bank states the value of the machine at the beginning of your lease term (instead of the end), which of course is $1.00. So, you own your machine for a buck when your lease is over. Of course there is a catch here- your payments are higher than that of an FMV lease. Below are answers to more frequently asked questions about MFP/Copier Leasing & Purchasing •Should I lease, rent or buy a copier? •How much does it cost to lease a copier? •What is the difference between leasing and renting a copier? •What is the average length of a copier lease? •What speed copier should I buy or lease? •Should I buy or lease an inkjet, laser copier, or digital copier?