Constrained Coding Regions based on 123,136 human exomes from gnomAD

Autosome CCR BED File Autosome CCR bedGraph File Autosome CCR bigWig File Autosome CCRs >=90% BED File
X Chrom CCR BED File X Chrom CCR bedGraph File X Chrom CCR bigWig File X Chrom CCRs >=90% BED File

For more information on how to interpret the files, query the browser, or to read the manuscript, go to the GitHub repo for the CCR browser.

See the model repository or its documentation to see how we created the model and how you can create your own version of the CCR model.

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CCR BED12 Color Legend

There are colors for each scale of constraint.

CCRs < 90th Percentile CCRs ≥ 90th Percentile CCRs ≥ 95th Percentile CCRs ≥ 99th Percentile