Creates a Service Culture

Refine store values to create a service culture

Develops Managers

Develop your managers into effective change leaders and mentors

Masters Behaviors

Master the behaviors of exceptional service

Sustains Loyalty

Sustain long-term shopper satisfaction and loyalty

Prototype/Pilot Outcomes

Customer Feedback Surveys - Reflects Prototype Retailer scores from benchmark through June 2017

Customer Feedback Surveys

Overall Customer Satisfaction scores improved by 15%! Likeliness to Return scores improved by 7%!

Employee Surveys

Overall Associate Satisfaction scores improved by 6%! (Improvement was seen across almost all questions and categories between the pre and post benchmark studies)


IGA Prototype Retailer Cited Outcomes

  • “We may not be able to fight on price or in other ways with the big retailers, but getting that culture change to treating people like family is a long-term strategy which allows our business to flourish.”

  • “People are happier and we’ve consistently seen increased basket sizes since we started participating in the program.”

  • “We’ve noticed that the candidates who want to come and work for us have improved substantially. We are getting a much better caliber of person applying to positions. These people look at Facebook, they look at reviews, and they want to be a part of our team. That has been an amazing consequence of this program.”

  • “I used to dread looking at the customer feedback surveys, because they were always negative. Now, it’s actually an enjoyable experience to open them each week and see how our customers are praising our employees.”

  • “In the last 2 months I’ve gotten several 5-star reviews for my stores on Google, when we never got any before. The only thing that has changed is our involvement in this program, so we know it has an impact.”

  • “The morale of our employees has tremendously increased. People are so much happier, they feel they are part of something.”

  • “We have changed the way that we hire. You could have a great employee but they could have a personality of a pancake. We are in the customer service business so we focus now on a candidate’s interpersonal skills just as much if not more than their other skills, and it has made a big difference.”

  • “I’m engaged in a more meaningful way with employees and this has encouraged them to be more engaged with customers. The benefits have trickled down and we know it’s working based on customer feedback.”