My Six Figure Inc Review

Building an online business can be a challenge for many people, especially with all of the courses out there claiming to be the best way to make money quickly. Today, I am going to do a review of Diggy's Six Figure Inc. Course, what it offers, and the pros and cons. I've been a member of the course since it was launched.

Six Figure Inc is a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to run a digital product business online. It gives you weekly training over the course of 11 weeks, which means you can start building your online business in just under 3 months. The training can be done at your own pace, requires no marketing experience and no existing client base. Let's take a look at what the Six Figure Inc. course entails.

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The Six Figure Inc Course

As mentioned above, there are 11 modules in this course. Each module has a number of individual video lessons.

  • Week One begins with the Mindset For Success, which teaches you to train how you think about your own success, how to focus on your long term goals, and how to get rid of those negative limiting beliefs you may have.
  • Week Two, entitled The Info Product Blueprint, walks you through the blueprint and shows you clearly how to follow your path to success, and shows how others have done so using the same blueprint.
  • Week Three talks about Niche Selection, which niches are profitable, how your competition is doing, and how to use that information to improve your own business.
  • Week Four goes through the fundamentals of the most popular sales mediums and copywriting to create your own successful offer, along with many resources and tips that will help.
  • Week Five delves into planning your product from start to finish, how to deliver it, and much more.
  • Week Six, How To Generate Traffic, will cover the various traffic generating strategies, how to use social media, advertising, and more.
  • Week Seven will take you through launching your product, from preparing it to making sales, using payment processing and autoresponders.
  • Week Eight continues with product launching, walking you through practical steps to make your very first sale.
  • Week Nine will teach you about the Evergreen Sales Funnel that will help to build revenue that is sustainable.
  • Week Ten goes into Refining Your Sales Funnel, why it's important to refine it continuously, and how to spot problems along the way.
  • Week Eleven covers how to maximize your profits using affiliate offers, upsell offers, and much more.

Six Figure Inc Bonuses

You also get 7 bonus modules;

  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Six-Figure Website Flip
  • 7 Figure Mistakes
  • 6 Figure JV Blueprint
  • My Personal Sales Funnel Templates
  • Ready-To-Go Sales Funnel – Just Drive Traffic
  • Private Facebook Group

Who Is The Course Creator?

Dirk Diggy, also known as Dirk De Bruin, is the creator of this course. He had no formal education, is self-taught, and at 32 years old, generates a 6 figure income a year from his online business. Having learned from the ground up, he went through the challenges and pitfalls of creating his business and learned what works. Like a lot of people who have tried other online business building courses, he got fed up with making very little for his efforts.

Here's a new video from Diggy talking about the Six Figure Inc course and how to earn a lot of money online in 2020

Click here to watch the video

A review of the Six Figure Inc. Course wouldn't be complete without looking at the pros and cons.


Instant Access
Step by step instructions and training
60+ training videos
Bonus products
24/7 support
60-day money-back guarantee
Solid product from someone who has gone through the process and is a success


Like any good course, it isn't cheap. If you want to use advertising through Bing, Google Adwords, and Facebook, you will have to pay for your own advertising.

In all, it looks like a well-rounded course that is easy enough for a newbie to understand. You get a lot of resources and help along the way, which is something that other courses struggle to give. You have a pool of other users and the support group to tap into, so you aren't doing this on your own. It definitely seems to offer the potential for those who want to start and grow an online business.
If you're serious about starting an online business selling your own infoproducts and/or courses, do yourself a favor and take some time to watch the webinar which explains the course more fully. I am a member and highly recommend Six Figure Inc. With Diggy's course knowledge I now sell my own courses on a membership site. Also, if you decide to purchase this course I may receive an affiliate commission. Thanks.

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