My Public Mobile Review

Most of the reviews on my site are about courses I recommend. However, I recently switched my cell phone service to Public Mobile and thought a review would be helpful.


 I was a Telus customer since 1997, originally on Clearnet, the first PCS network in Canada. Clearnet was purchased by Telus in 2000. See my old phone in the video below.

Despite being one of their original customers, lately I have not been able to get the kind of monthly plan and price I wanted even through their loyalty department. I had an iPhone 7 which worked great and my 2 year contract with Telus was up. My needs had also changed. Being around home more with the COVID-19 issues meant my data useage was much less. No way was I going to keep paying $85/month.

Public Mobile Canada

Public Mobile is owned by Telus and operates in Canada as an MVNO. The Telus network provides 4G coverage for almost 99% of Canadians so getting a reliable signal is not an issue. However,  as I write this in June 2020, I just heard from a friend that there is no service for several hundred kilometers on the Trans-Labrador Highway. If that's an issue, be forewarned.

Public Mobile coverage

Public Mobile Plans

The plans at Public Mobile will likely change over time so I won't detail them here. I'm on the $25 plan with 500mb of data and loving it. You do have to bring your own phone.

Public Mobile Self Serve

Before anything else you'll need a Public Mobile SIM card. SIM cards are available on and at retailers such as Loblaws, Walmart and various Dollar Stores.

To start your Public Mobile service you first have to sign up. Visit Public Mobile Self Serve to create an account.

Here are the steps in the sign up process. This took 5 minutes. Well maybe 6 including a minute trying to read the number on the SIM card.

  1. Let's get started - your profile info
  2. Phone Number - choose a new one or use your current number
  3. Plan & Add-ons - pick the best plan for your needs
  4. Review Your Order - review
  5. Payment - payment method
  6. Summary

Payment methods accepted are:

  • VISA
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • VISA debit cards
  • Public Mobile Payment Vouchers

Within five minutes after going through these steps I received a goodbye email from Telus and my phone had Public Mobile showing at the top.

Once set up you can log in to your new account at Public Mobile Login

Public Mobile Rewards

Another reason to switch to Public Mobile is the rewards. You can get $2 off per month by setting up Autopay. You can get $1 off per month for every year you are with the company. You can also get $1 off per month for every friend you refer. And... your friend will receive a $10 credit.

Public Mobile Promo Code

Use my Public Mobile referral code to get $10 off your first month. Copy and paste or save my promo code O0Y6Y4 to use when you sign up. Thanks in advance.

Public Mobile Review Summary

I've been a customer for two months and have had zero problems so far. I've had coverage in both urban and rural areas. The data included is throttled back to 3G speeds but unless you are doing something very data intensive, 3G will work fine for most people. Streaming video is no problem. I'm now paying $23/month instead of $85 at Telus. For these reasons I give Public Mobile a 5 out of 5 rating.

  • Great coverage
  • Good variety of plans
  • Great rewards to lower your monthly bill
  • Fantastic prices

After you get your SIM card, click on the button below to sign up for Public Mobile and start saving money today. Thank you.