Amazing Selling Machine Cost 2021

ASMX Price 2021

How Much Does ASM 12 Cost?

The Amazing Selling Machine 12 price for 2021 is $4997. Due to the high price and ever increasing challenges for Amazon sellers, I now recommend that prospective course buyers honestly answer the four questions below prior to getting involved.

The Amazing Selling Machine ASM 12 course price has remained the same as ASM X. ASMX contained 40% brand new content and access to several essential seller tools and Amazing Selling Machine 12 adds even more.

January 2021 Update: The only online training program I can currently recommend is Brian Moran's Samcart. Learn how to easily produce your own digital products and sell them through Samcart.
I've been using this for about 5 months now and highly recommend it. Click here for more info. Thanks.

Amazing Selling Machine Price Structure

The full price of $4997 is for a one-time payment. ASM generally also offers a 6-pay option for $997/month for 5 months. Remember that once an ASM member you will receive updates as they are released.

    ASM Essential Questions

  • Can YOU follow directions and instructions?
  • Will YOU take the action recommended in each module?
  • Are YOU prepared to set up and run a REAL business?
  • MOST IMPORTANT: Can YOU deal with ever increasing demands from different states regarding sales taxes and franchise taxes? This is expensive, time consuming and a major PITA.

Please make sure you can answer YES to the above questions before proceeding further.

UPDATE JULY 2020 - Success Tip. As a former ASM member my advice is to source products locally. If you are in the U.S. buy American and promote that in your listings. Do the same in other Amazon marketplaces.

Note: ASM 12 is available now! Please click below to watch a short video and determine if building a business on Amazon is right for you. If you choose to join through my link I may receive an affiliate commission.