The Taco Specialist Takes His Taco Man Catering Services into San Diego CADo you live near or in San diego and want a taco Guycatering?

Then you Are in the right Location. taco catering near San Diego,CA As you keep reading this article you will find why here at Liz Catering we not just

provide you with a taco man, we send you our expert..."The Taco Specialist"Here are a few catering recommendations from nearby

neighbors As you may see, neighbors all around, are advocating our taco cart catering services! Our mission is to supply you and

your guests with this kind of amazing service and food, you will want to tell everyone.

What does Taquiza's mean that you might ask? Taquiza's are gatherings of people enjoying tacos, it is a taco party!

SDTC is a laid back self-sufficient portable taco cart that's fantastic for any back-yard boogie, corporate occasion or just a

wedding reception. Most of our meats are cooked on-site and in-front of your guest. We use 100% mesquite when grilling our famous

Carne Asada, and have the capacity to fry our renowned beer battered fish tacos and touch tortilla chips in your event too. In

other words, we bring the taco shop to your fiesta!

We pride ourselves on giving every client an amazing food experience, as well as great customer service from beginning to finish.

Family Built, Owned & Operated

The Taco Specialist provides you with 3 Different Menu Packages you may select from. These packages are designed to match any

budget and make sure that you always get precisely what you want for your event. Getting a free quote or setting an appointment

for a tasting is simple, just call and Nestor will be sure you're taken care off. Perfect weather in San Diego ca for some taco

catering!Even dough we've catered, in all sorts of weather, there's nothing better than having tacos at a wonderful perfect

temperature sunny day!

The guests started to arrive on time and going to their favourite place to sit down and relax while The Taco Specialist filled the

air with the aroma of Carne Asada (steak), Pollo Asado (chicken) and also...Al Pastor (marinated pork)! The Taco Specialist cooked

the Al Pastor pork to perfection, using an Adobo marinade and real fresh pineapple!Even when you've never tasted it, we today

it'll become your favorite!If you're wondering what in the world is Adobo, allow me to explain.

The expression adobo is derived from the Spanish word adobar, meaning . Mexicans use it like a sauce, with an intense taste and

red colour due to this paprika and chipotle chiles that were stewed in to create the most basic adobo marinade mix. Are you

prepared to get served?It takes"The Taco Specialist" around 1 hour and a half to set up and cook everything, this gives guests

with sufficient time to arrive until he starts to serve. With this Victorville ca taco cart catering support that the client made

a fantastic decision by choosing our Medium Package.The kids were happy to acquire quesadillas and the grownups tacos with sweet

and salty grilled vegetables on top of their choice of beef tacos!Rice and legumes were served with a vast array of sides. There

were chips, cheese, deep fried jalapenos, red & green salsa, onions, cilantro, radishes and limes... oh my! Would You Like a