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I am a professional writer, editor, and writing coach. I have over 25 years of experience in corporate, financial, marketing and technical communications.

Having worked for over 40 Fortune 500 companies and many startups, I have helped these companies grow and prosper.

With an eye toward business development, my work is done behind the scenes and all has to do with making written communications more effective.

Currently, I am taking new clients!

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The College of William & Mary


Golden Gate University

Certificate in Web Design

UC Davis

Certificate in Novel Writing

Stanford University

Certificate in Content Strategy

Northwestern University


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Editorial Services

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Development editing
Taking a look at the big picture, I can help you structure or restructure your writing, ensuring that it unfolds in a logical, interesting, and informative way, includes all of the information that it should, and leaves out anything extraneous or irrelevant. At this stage, we're taking a broad sweep, perhaps developing an outline and considering which features and aspects of the work are required.
Line editing
Sentence by sentence, I will read through your writing to ensure that it has the correct tone for your audience and flows smoothly. Your text may require light editing or a heavier, more substantive treatment. I'll look at your word selection, sentence and paragraph structure, use of parallelism and active voice. As I work, I'll mark up your text and comment about the changes I've made and the logic behind them.
Although some copyediting may begin at the line editing stage, it is here that I'll take an even closer look at the text. I'll take into account accuracy, formatting, and style. Specifically, I'll look at spelling, grammar, punctuation, jargon, terminology, and semantics. The end result? Copy that is clear, correct, concise, comprehensible, and consistent.
At this final stage in the editing process, the main point is to have "another set of eyes" to review your work. When you are too familiar with what you've written, it's difficult to see the word in the sentence that you've repeated, the inconsistent spacing between sentences, or the random spelling error. This stage represents the chance to "fix" any remaining errors and a final fine-tuning of your prose before it's ready to send off or publish.
Writing Coaching
If you need a rigorous evaluation of how to make your writing even better, I can mark up your text with suggestions and provide a report analyzing its strengths and weaknesses. I'll include numerous examples and model ways in which you can improve your style, tone, language selection, and reading interest. Instead of having you sit by passively while I wield my editing pen, I'll give you some concrete new strategies and techniques to use in your future writing.
Development editing
Line editing
Writing Coaching


"We at EagleTM would like to thank Susan for her professionalism and level of commitment to our company. Her writing and editing work were of the highest quality, and her delivery timely. She is a consummate service provider, and we highly recommend her. In addition, Susan was a very pleasant person to work with.""
--Eagle Technology
"...I was accepted to Harvard Business School, so I wanted to thank you for your help in editing one of my essays."
--Greg, Strategic Planner, General Electric
"Very good. Susan didn't hesitate to congratulate when something sounded good, and at the same time pointed out faults and weaknesses."
--Bill, G.E. Capital
"Susan, thank you for your help, comments, and feedback. I really feel they have improved my writing and communicating abilities. You're doing a great job. Good luck with your own career!"
--Keith, Roche Laboratories
"It was interesting to hear comments on our announcements and get some feedback on how the 'outside' world looked at them. Susan gave me many good ideas on personalizing our memos and announcements. I've received a lot of positive responses on our 'new' sound."
--Jill, GE Capital Mortgage
"Please extend my thanks to Ms. Susan Karr for her most helpful counsel."
--Alfred, Warner Lambert
"...wonderfully written suggestions and explanations"
--Heidi, AT&T
"I appreciated all of Susan's critiques and found them helpful, detailed, timely, consistent, and filled with praise where due."
--Michelle, ADP Dealer Services
"Susan gave me clear and concise critiques."
 --Robin, Prudential Insurance
"Thank you for your guidance in discovering the power of a well written letter or memo."
--Viktor, General Electric
"I was impressed with Susan's ability to evaluate my writing and recommend solutions and changes."
--Chris, GE Plastics
"Thank you again, Susan, for your guidance, time, and prompt response with each of the assignments."
--Jing, GE Fanuc
"Susan's critiques were always helpful and clear. The positive comments were very encouraging, especially in contrast to the university-style browbeating I've experienced in the past."
--Leslie, General Electric
"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Susan Schott Karr on the IFRS training article that will appear in the June issue of FEI. Folks here are very, very excited to see the article, as IFRS is a key initiative for the firm."
--Ichiro Kawasaki, Manager, Corporate Communications, KPMG
"Thousands of compliments. The Gatwick case looks great! You clearly got to know the customer and use case really really well. Thanks for that."
--Jiong Lui, Okta
"The attached ICR News Notes were put together superbly by Susan Karr because she attended the ICR event last Wednesday - October 21 - and summarized the presentation by Randy Wight succinctly and thoroughly."
--Sue Stoney, International Association of Business Communicators
"BTW, I told VP Chris Barron that I really think these are the best written project summaries yet! The format is very consistent and most always includes some kind of metrics on return on investment, time saved, etc."
--Carol Minton, Editor in Chief, Bentley Publications, Bentley Systems
"I have found Susan to be a great communicator both written and verbally, honest and straightforward and one who follows through on her word. I would recommend her highly."
--Jack Magley, Remax
"Thank you! Your edits are exactly what we were looking to accomplish with the review. We truly appreciate the quick turnaround as well. We look forward to working with you on future projects!"
--R. Drew Ogden, Founder + Managing Director, Ascentage Group, LLC
"Thanks so much for your reports on IBM Cognos, and also for doing such an amazing job capturing quotes and grabbing copyright marks!"
--Mary, The Conference Publishers

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