Top 7 SEO Trends For 2019

How to win with search engine optimization in the near future

The online landscape is continuously evolving, and search engines are becoming increasingly intelligent. Google now answers more queries on the results pages, and the number of voice-activated search queries is on the rise. Webmasters now worry that this may drastically affect their optimization strategy. If you are worrying about your rankings today, the best you can do is to hire an experienced SEO expert to help you with your search engine traffic.

It is due to this reason you should know about these seven key SEO trends in 2019:

1. Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are the search results featured on top of the organic results below the ads in a box. You might be surprised to learn that Google introduced them long ago. The featured snippets were referred to as quick answers back in 2013, and it wasn’t until 2016 when Google launched the official term “featured snippets.”

Featured snippets are likely to continue playing a critical role in search engine optimization in 2019. They are so effective because they satisfy a user’s need for a simple answer or answers to a question. The excerpts displayed are from websites considered by Google as being suitable for answering the questions that users ask.

2. Voice Search

Voice-activated search is the most current wave in a suite of user-friendly technological advancements geared towards providing users with convenient and hassle-free usage. Typing search queries online is not the only option available for people that need quick answers since voice assistants are now the preferred option for many users online.

There are estimates that voice-activated search will account for about 50 percent of total searches by 2020. The rise in voice-activated search will demand significant changes to SEO in 2019 since voice searches dramatically change how users search online. Keywords and content will now have to be structured for people using voice-activated search, which means that they will have to be more conversational compared to traditional search trends.

3. Quality Over Keywords

Quality is now more critical than ever and also ties in with the focus on voice-activated search in 2019. You need to ensure that the content featured on your website or blog has a natural flow and is easy to navigate, which translates to more people being willing to spend more time engaging with it. The more time spent engaging with it, the more likely it is to be of a higher quality.

Immediately you understand what makes a quality piece of content, you should consider breaking it up or adding some other type of media. Video and image searches may be in for a significant overhaul to offer better quality content to searchers. Users are almost three times as likely to spend more time on a page if it has video content.

4. Stricter Standards & Mobile Web

Internet users are increasingly getting better at telling at a glance whether or not a particular webpage is capable of delivering what they want. Consciously or otherwise, Internet users pick up on patterns that separate great content from mediocre content. Worse still, even the best material sometimes displays incorrectly on mobile devices. In 2019 and beyond, this will no longer be acceptable.

To avoid such problems and ensure a more unified web experience, it is advisable to have an adaptive website. You also want to ensure that your content loads quickly and displays best on all screen sizes and devices without any exceptions. This point is becoming a more integral component of SEO as time goes on. Unfortunately, many businesses are not getting a handle on this.

5. Amazon Search

Ranking highly on Google is great, but there are other options out there. Consumers are now starting searches on other equally popular places such as social media and Amazon. Amazon is taking over how people buy products, which is why it is likely to impact the ability of Internet users to search the Internet.

Amazon is currently leading concerning product-based searches, which is why one of the most significant search engine optimization trends in 2019 is likely to be Amazon-search. Over 50 percent of consumers currently start searches around products on Amazon and not Google, and with this massive shift, it is no longer acceptable to neglect Amazon since it is likely to make a rise in 2019.

6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automated Processes

Artificial Intelligence has already had a significant impact on how the major search engines rank websites. Google uses it to mimic human behavior on these websites. By using AI to replicate human engagement on various sites, Google can obtain essential data regarding how user-friendly a website is.

Google and the rest of the major search engines that use artificial intelligence for the same function, then reward websites that demonstrate high usability levels by bumping them up the search engine rankings. In 2019, artificial intelligence is thus set to transform SEO by shifting the focus back where it matters, which is user behavior.

7. Security

With the increase in the amount of personal information currently being shared online, security is an essential factor to consider. The safety of personal information is very important, whether for your consumers, your business or yourself. Google has realized that user information should be secured, which is why it now uses the secure protocol as a ranking factor.

You can use a variety of different approaches to ensure the security of your website. Keeping your website updated continuously, hosting your website or blog on secure servers, and having your site encrypted are some of the things you can do to ensure that user data is never compromised and it can lead to higher search engine rankings too.

Final Thoughts

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is continuously evolving, and 2019 is not likely to be any different. If you would like your business to thrive in this competitive business environment, it is vital to embrace the latest SEO trends and developments starting with the seven factors discussed here. They are virtually guaranteed to give you an edge in your work performance as well as in your industry. Try them out today and see the difference they make in your business.