Feb 28, �� The Toronto Sailing & Canoe Club is selling Wayfarer dinghies in an "as is " (no sails, trailers, etc.) condition, with prices starting from $ (plus HST). (sample pics below) If you are interested, please email myboat196 boatplansms@myboat196 boatplans with a copy to myboat196 boatplansn@myboat196 boatplans Enterprise Sailing Dinghy Wooden Colour Blue,ready To Use ? Now Only: ? Enterprise Sailing Dinghy For Sale, Enterprise Sailing Dinghy On Sale, Enterprise Sailing Dinghy Parts, Enterprise Sailing Dinghy Spares, Enterprise Sailing Dinghy To Buy. Dinghy (Sail) Ideal for watersports these Dinghy (Sail) boats vary in length from 12ft to 52ft and can carry to passengers. There are a wide range of Dinghy (Sail) boats for sale from popular brands like Catalina, Amel and Meta with 3 new and 2 Wooden Clinker Sailing Dinghy For Sale 20 used and an average price of $, with boats ranging from as little as $, and $, You should know:

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There is a spare set of sails North Sails that are also w Boats for sale are stored at our Seattle location, either on the docks or in off-site storage. Hope nobody gets victimized by this scam. Your region. Sort By Filter Search. Hull material.

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