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It is possible to find cruises at all hours, offering various routes and prices. Prague offers numerous types of sightseeing cruises ; from a one-hour tour to a day river cruise with lunch or a sunset cruise with dinner included. For a unique evening in Praguewe recommend booking a cruise that includes an exquisite dinner with live music vltava river sightseeing cruise english spectacular views of Prague lit up.

The best way to skip the lines and chose exactly what and when you would like to do the cruise is to book the boat trip online:. The Vltava i s the longest river in the Czech Republic, miles km long. It joins the Elba River along its fltava and originates by a confluence of two streams. Black Vltava river sightseeing cruise english Theatre, although present in other countries, votava an experience which originated in Prague, and attending a production should be obligatory for any visitor to the city.

Discover the most interesting monuments in Prague, and the unmissable tourist attractions if you travel to the Czech capital. Where to book a cruise? The best way to skip the lines and chose exactly what and when you would like to do the cruise is to book the boat trip online: Prague dinner cruise : The most popular type of cruise in Prague.

Black Light Theatre Monuments and Tourist attractions. You may also be interested in. Black Light Theatre Black Light Theatre, although present in vltava river sightseeing cruise english countries, is an experience which originated in Prague, and attending a production should be obligatory for any visitor to the city. Monuments and Tourist attractions Discover the most interesting monuments in Prague, and sigytseeing unmissable tourist attractions if you travel to the Czech capital.

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Construction lasted approximately one hundred years, and three generations of great Baroque architects � father, son�. Once upon a time a Stalin statue stood where the Metronome resides, almost as large as Christ the Redeemer in Rio de�. Spanish Synagogue, Jewish Museum in Prague. Religious Sites. The Sephardic synagogue was built in at the site that was the oldest home of Prague's Jews.

In place of rotunda and basilica of St. Vitus began building of a vast Gothic church, that have been completed almost�. Museum of Senses. The Museum of Senses collects a series of fascinating perceptual illusions and provides useful informations on the way�. National Memorial to the Heroes of the Heydrich Terror.

The memorial succinctly describes the events surrounding the assassination of the ruling Nazi General and the Nazi�. St Cyril and St Methodius Cathedral. This cathedral has been the center of several historical events from the 18th through the 20th century and serves as�.

Wallenstein Palace Gardens. This artificially crafted collection of stalactites is a huge area of wall, and quite something in its own right�. In the relatively cluster of historic venues in the heart of Prague is the Church of Our Lady Victorius , home of the�. National Technical Museum. The National Technical Museum takes you through a journey of technological advances. Old Town Bridge Tower. This tower dates back to , and was witness to many historical events in Prague's history.

The tower is a copy of the Eiffel Tower built in when the great Jubilee exhibition was in Prague. Czech Repubrick. Speciality Museums. Speculum Alchemiae Museum.

The museum is created at the sight of an alchemy laboratory of Emperor Rudolph II, hidden in the Old Town underground�. Church of Our Lady before Tyn.

Tall towers resembling Notre Dame at Rouen, hidden behind 19th century buildings - a miracle that is survived WW2. Vysehrad Park. The complex is associated with the legends and ghosts of Czech history. Petrin Tower. The iron tower is clearly seen and is feet high and built by F Prasil for the Jubilee Exhibition in It is a�. The Vrtba Garden. Great terrace garden, a hidden gem right in the heart of Mala Strana! Prague Vltava River Sightseeing Cruise.

Dinner cruise - open buffet - with 2 incl transfers. Prague Boats 1-hour Cruise. Prague Boats 3-hour Dinner Cruise. Day Trips. Prague Grand Tour. Alchemy and Mysteries of Prague Castle.

Ghostbusters: night mystical Prague. Ghostly and Legends walking tour in Prague. Haunted castle Houska and Kokorin castle. Prague Ghost Walking Tour. Czech Folklore Show with dinner and private transfer. Mozart Concert and Dinner in Prague.

Admission Ticket to Museum of Senses in Prague. Prague MultiCard. Prague Museum of Fantastic Illusions. Learn more about this content Tours, activities and experiences bookable on Tripadvisor, ranked using exclusive Tripadvisor data including reviews, ratings, photos, popularity, user preferences, price, and bookings made through Tripadvisor.

Not a bad weekend, really. Speaker 4 My brother and his wife stayed with us this weekend. They have three children, and we spent the whole time playing with them. We took them swimming, we went to the zoo, and on Sunday we went to the park. They have so much energv! And they're really noisv -especially in the morning when they wake up, which is usually around 6 o'clock. I was completely exhausted bv Sunday night, but it was lovely to see them.

A Speaker 1 Well, I haven't been here long, so I haven't had time to make many friends yet. After I get home from work, I spend most of the evening online chatting with friends and family back home.

Twice a week, I have classes to try and learn the language. Most of my colleagues speak reallv good English, but I haven't been out with them yet. Speaker 2 I guess vou could say I'm a bit depressed at the moment. Time goes reallv slowly when vou've got nothing to do. I spend more time sleeping now, and I have a lot of time to do the housework. It doesn't take all day to make the bed and clean mv room, so I get quite bored.

I hope I find another job soon because I really need the money. Speaker 3 My life has changed a lot now that I don't have to leave the house to go to work. Things aren't so stressful first thing in the morning now.

I just get up, make a cup of tea, and switch on my computer. It's strange communicating with colleagues online and not seeing them face-to-face. Sometimes it gets a bit lonelv. Speaker 4 Oh no, I never get bored. There's always so much to do! I like to get up early and read the newspaper while I'm having breakfast.

Then I like to go for a walk and do a bit of shopping. After lunch. I go and pick up my grandchildren from school. We spend an hour in the park until their mum comes to get them. I'm really enjoying life right now. Speaker 5 This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! She's so beautiful that I seem to spend all day looking at her!

I don't have time to see friends now, so I keep in touch with everybody by phone or online when she's asleep. We go shopping together and I do more housework and cooking, but I don't get much sleep anymore! Paula Well, Zagreb is in the north of the country on the River Sava. It's both an old citv and a modern one at the same time. There are lots of elegant restaurants and fashionable shops there, and the city has lots of museums -the most important one is the Archaeological Museum.

B Speaker 1 I was on holiday, and I was looking round a famous palace, when a man came up to me and asked me to take a photo of him.

He gave me his camera, but it wasn't working properly. When I gave it back to him. I picked it up and went to give it to the man, but he was gone. Then I discovered my wallet was missing. Speaker 2 When I went abroad last vear for a business trip, I didn't have time to get any local monev before I left. So after I landed, I went straight to the bank to get three hundred euros. The cashier slowiv counted out the notes and when he stopped, I picked them up.

When I got to the train station I realized later that 1 only had a hundred euros. Speaker 3 When we were on holiday, two men knocked on the door of our apartment. They were wearing uniforms and they said they were police inspectors. One of them came in to look around while the other stayed bv the door. Unfortunately, while we were talking to the first man, the second man took our wallets and cameras from the bedroom. Speaker 4 I was having a problem using the ticket machine in the metro, when someone came up to help me.

He told me how much money I needed and then offered to put it in the machine for me. I counted out the money, but he said it wasn't enough. I gave him some more money and I got my ticket. Unfortunately, I paid ten times the price for it!

Speaker 5 1 was waiting at a bus stop, when this beautiful woman came up to me. We got chatting, and she invited me to go to a club with her. We had a few drinks together and then the w aiter brought me an incredibly expensive bill. I started to complain but then I noticed four big men at the door who were looking at me. Of course I paid the bill. C� A Dave Oh. Jane What is? Dave They've decided to ban jokes about mothers-in-law! Jane Who has? Dave The council, of all people.

They've written a leaflet for workers who have to deal with the public, and it savs that mother-in-law jokes are 'offensive'. Jane Well. I suppose they are, reallv. I mean, there are a lot of mothers-in-law out there, and the jokes are about them. Dave No, but it's just a bit of fun, isn't it? I mean, I think it's reallv important to have a sense of humour. It's good for you -it makes you feel better. Jane That's easy for you to say, isn't it?

You're a man, so vou'll never be a mother-in-law. I will, one day. Dave Yes, but you won't be my mother-in-law, will vou? Sorry, I was only joking! Jane Ha ha.. Doesit sav anything else about the jokes? Dave Yes. Jane OK. Well, mavbe thev do. Young people are healthy, fit, and attractive. It's easy for them to laugh at older people, don't you think? Dave Oh, come on! These jokes about mothers-in-law have been around since Roman times. Jane Where did you get that idea from?

Dave It savs here that there's a Roman writer calledhang on a minute -called 'Juvenal' who said in the first century A. Ha ha! That's classic! Jane Um. Dave And all the best comedians tell jokes about mothers-in-law, too.

Jane Like I said, that's because you're a man. And the comedians you're talking about are also men. It's just another example of the sexist world we live in. I mean, there aren't many jokes about fathers-in-law, are there? Dave Oh, for goodness'sake! B Speaker I like singing while I'm having a shower.

The bathroom is a great place to sing because nobody can hear you -at least, 1 hope nobody can hear, because I sing really loudly! I usually sing very old classic songs, which I'd never sing in public!

Speaker 2 I always feel like singing when I'm alone in my car on a summer's day. I turn up the radio, open the window, and sing along to whatever comes on. I don't do this in the middle of town, of course; only if I'm driving through the country, but I must say I find it really relaxing. Speaker 3 I've always really enjoyed singing with the kids I teach -I'm a primary school teacher. Young children love singing, and they like it even more if the songs have actions.

It's amazing how much they learn from songs -there are alphabet songs, counting songs, and all sorts. We always have lots of fun when we're singing together. Speaker 4 Actually. I can't sing very well at all, so I'm always really embarrassed if I have to sing in public. When I was at secondary school, I had to be in the school choir, but I never actually sang. I just mouthed the words and pretended to sing.

Speaker 5 When I'm out with my friends, we sometimes go to a karaoke in the centre of town. It's one of my favourite places, as we always have a good time. We spend most of the evening singing together and nobody seems to mind if we do it badly.

In fact, it's better if we do sing badly as it makes everybody laugh. O Presenter And here's some good news for one of the world's endangered languages. There are nearly six thousand languages in the world today, and experts say that nearly half of them are dying out. That means that around three thousand languages will disappear in the next century or so. One language in danger of dying out is the Cherokee language, spoken by the Cherokee people of North America.

Or at least it was in danger until the leaders of the tribe decided to do something about it. They got worried when they realized that only 8, of the , Cherokee people in the world today actually spoke the language and thev came up with a plan.

They got in touch with the electronics company, Apple, and asked them to include Cherokee on the official list of languages used on their products. At first, it seemed impossible that Apple w ould take any notice of the Cherokee, as their products already had fifty languages on them.

The big surprise came in September , when the Apple iOS 4. Since then, the Cherokee people have been able to use their language on all Mac computers, iPhones, the i Pod touch, and the i Pad.

These devices were popular with the younger members of the tribe from the start, but now the older members are taking an interest, too -especially those who use mobile phones So, it looks as if the Cherokee language won't die out just yet after all. And if the language stays alive, the culture will stay alive, too, something that the leaders of the tribe will be very happy about.

A Speaker 1 I don't usually talk about my problems, but if something's going wrong, I sometimes mention it to Phil. He's on my basketball team, and we get along OK. In fact, he's the one who introduced me to the girl I'm dating at the moment.

Speaker 2The person who I talk to most is my sister. We don't look like each other at all, but we both have very similar personalities. She's a really good listener, and she always gives me good advice. She sometimes tells me her problems too, and I try to help her. Speaker 3My friend Jennv is on my course at university, and I tell her absolutely everything.

We're quite different, which means we often think in different ways. Sometimes we argue, but we're never angry with each other for long -just until one of us apologizes.

Speaker 4The person who understands me most is my friend John, who lives next door. We've grown up together, so he knows me very well.

My main problem at the moment is mv job, which 1 hate. John thinks I should look for a new one, and he's probably right. Speaker 5 My gran lives with us, and I spend a lot of time talking to her. Although she's older than me, she's always interested in what I have to say.

We've got quite a lot in common, and some things that have happened to me also happened to her when she was young. Helen What was so special about those two dishes? Ewan 1 remember them because the judges had real problems in deciding if thev were made bv the male chef or the female chef.

In the end, they all got it wrong! Helen So, did they manage to answer the question, then? Do men cook differently from women? Ewan Not really. The only conclusion they came to was that it was impossible to tell if a particular dish was made by a man or a woman. That's all, reallv. Helen So, it was a bit of a waste of time then, really.

Ewan No, it wasn't! I really enjoyed the programme, even if they didn't answer the question! It was a big dog, um, and it came running out of the house barking. James panicked, and tried to hide behind me, but the dog jumped on him and bit him. It wasn't a serious injury, but we're very worried that he'll be afraid of dogs now. We don't want him to get a phobia. What should we do? Chris Well, Cynthia, you're quite right to be worried about this incident because, cynophobia, that is, a fear of dogs, is often caused by a bad experience with a dog as a child.

The best thing you can do is to give your son a positive experience with a different dog as soon as possible. If you have any friends who have a quiet and friendly dog, go and visit them. Let vour son touch the dog if he wants to and don't remind him about his bad experience.

Presenter That sounds like good advice, Chris. And our next caller is Marion Williams from Cardiff. C� Presenter Hello and welcome to those of you who just joined us. Continuing on our theme of celebrity families, the focus of today's programme is actress and singer, Judy Garland, and her daughter, Liza Minnelli.

Her parents ran a theatre and Judy first appeared on stage singing a Christmas song with her two older sisters when she was two years old.

The film was extremely successful, and she won a children's Oscar for her performance. Metro Goldwyn Mayer terminated her contract in because of her problems with alcohol and drugs. However, she continued to perform, and in she did a series of concerts at the London Palladium. In fact, it was in London where Judy Garland was found dead after she took a drug overdose in Judy got married five times and had three children.

One of these children was Liza Minnelli who was 23 when her mother died. Liza was born in Hollywood, California, on March 12th, She grew up in film studios, and, like her mother, made her first stage appearance at the age of two.

She was only five when her parents got divorced. After performing successfully with her mother at the London Palladium in , Liza became a professional nightclub singer. She made several albums, and later starred as a singer in the film. Cabaret, a role for which she won an Oscar. Despite her successful singing and acting career, Liza has had similar problems to her mother. She has been to rehab clinics several times because of her addiction to drugs and alcohol.

She has also been married four times, but, unlike her mother, she never had children. Today, Liza Minnelli is in her sixties, but she still makes occasional television appearances. A Presenter Hello, and welcome to the programme. Today we have scientist, Doug McLeod, in the studio with us.

He's going to tell us about some of the everyday things we know r and love that were invented by accident.

Doug Hello, Janet. Well, I'm going to start with the microwave oven. In , an engineer called Percv Spencer was testing some new radar equipment. He had a chocolate bar in his pocket, and while he was standing in front of the machine, it melted. After that, he also tried using the microwaves from the radar equipment to cook popcorn.

Percy realized that microwaves could heat and cook food, and so the microwave oven was born. Presenter How interesting! What else have vou got for us, Doug? Doug Next is something that is found in hospitals all over the world: the X-ray machine. In , a German physicist called Wilhelm Roentgen was experimenting with electrical rays in a dark room.

He was directing them through a glass tube covered with black paper. Suddenly, he saw a light on a screen on the wall and he realized that the Vltava River Sightseeing Cruise Network rays could pass through the glass and the paper. After that, he experimented with his own hand, and found that he could see the bones. The first X-ray ever made was an image of Roentgen's wife's hand -you can even see her wedding ring!

Presenter That's fascinating, Doug. We've got time for one more. Doug Many different kinds of food were discovered by accident, Janet, and I've chosen something that we call 'crisps', but Americans call 'potato chips'. A customer complained that the chips he was served were too thick. The chef was angry about this, so he fried some very thin potatoes and covered them with salt.

The customer loved them, and after that 'Saratoga chips' became popular all over the USA. Eventually, they were produced for people to eat at home. Presenter That was all verv fascinating, Doug. Thanks for joining us. B Tony Amy, did you study foreign languages at secondary school? Amy Yes, I did. Actually, I used to be quite good at languages.

Tony Which ones did you study? Tony And how much French can you remember? Amy Not much! But I can remember my German, because I did it for my degree at Cambridge. Why all the questions, Tony? Tony Well, I've just read this article about the state of language learning in schools in the U K, and it isn't looking good.

It says that adults only remember about seven words from the languages they studied at school. Amy Only seven words? That isn't verv good, is it? What sort of words do they remember?

Amy So, what happens when people are abroad? Do they practise the language? Tony Not at all. In fact, the article suggests that people often choose not to go on holiday to countries where they have to worrv about language problems. Amy That's probably because they're too lazy to learn a language. Tony No, it isn't that. The article says it's because they're too embarrassed to try and speak it.

Amy OK. So which languages do pupils study at school today? Tony Hang on a minute, there's a list here somewhere Here it is. Polish is becoming more popular, too. Amy And what are schools going to do about the problem? Tony Well, first of all. And then they're going to start offering languages from outside Europe. Amy That sounds quite difficult.

Anyway, Tony, which languages did you use to study at school? Tony Onlv French. And I was terrible at it! The choice was going by train or by bus, and I opted for the train as it was quicker. Unfortunately, the train broke down on the way, so in the end I took two hours longer than I expected. Speaker 2The worst decision I ever made was giving my son a skateboard for his tenth birthday. On the morning of his birthday, we went down to the park to try it out.

Sadly, he fell off the board as soon as he got on it, and broke his arm. We had to cancel his birthday party, and we spent the whole day in hospital instead. Speaker 3 I had two interviews and both companies offered me a job. In the first job, thev offered me more money, but it was a long way from where I live -an hour travelling every day The second job was less money, but it was very near my house. In the end, I chose the second job instead, and I'm very happy I did, because last month the first company closed down.

Speaker 4 On one occasion, I had to decide once between a good friend of mine and a boy 1 really liked. I was going to a concert with my friend, and then this boy asked me to go to the cinema with him on the same night. In the end, I said no to the bov, and went to the concert with my friend.

I found out later that the boy already had a girlfriend, so I think I made the right decision. Speaker 5 You won't believe what happened to me!

I used to play the lottery with some colleagues at work. One day, I decided that I was fed up with never winning, so I stopped playing. My colleagues carried on without me, and just one week later, they had the winning numbers!

They won a lot of money, and I didn't get any of it! We often used to play cards together when I was little, and if my mum was losing, it was safer to stop playing. She was always happy when she was winning, but when she was losing, you could see her getting angrier and angrier until she exploded.

Sometimes, she used to go out of the room, because she was so upset! Speaker 2 i once had a friend who was a bad loser at tennis. In fact, we stopped talking to each other because of a tennis match. We were about twenty at the time, and on this occasion we were arguing over a point. I said the ball was out and she said it was in.

In the end, she just threw her racket into the net and left. We've never spoken since. Speaker 3 I have to be very careful at work when we're talking about football. I have a colleague who gets really upset when his team loses, and he hates it if you make a joke about it. I tried it once, and he just stood up, walked out, and closed the door with a bang.

He didn't speak to me for days after that, so I don't think I'll try it again. Speaker 4 My son is a very bad loser, in fact he always has been. He's 12 now, but he still hates losing. We used to play board games together when he was little, but he always used to cry if he didn't win. I had to choose between letting him win all the time, or making him upset if I won.

In the end, I stopped playing that kind of game with him. Speaker 5 One of the guvs who plavs basketball with me gets incredibly upset during games, and he spends most of the time shouting at the other players.

He's a really nervous person at the best of times, but when we're losing, it really is too much. The referee throws him off the court at least twice a month, and once our coach told him to go home.

B� Interviewer Can I ask you about your job, Graham? Interviewer Would you like to change your working hours, Graham? Graham If I changed my working hours, I wouldn't earn as much money! There's a lot more work at night, because people go out for dinner and to the theatre or clubs, and then it's late and they need to get home, and they don't want to drive because they've usually had a drink or two.

I quite enjoy my job, really, because I meet lots of interesting people. UO Presenter And to finish off today's programme, we're going to take a look at some famous twins. Let's start with probably the earliest set of twins in history: Romulus and Remus. Now, the legend says that they were abandoned by their parents, because twins were thought to bring bad luck. Fortunately, they were found bv a female wolf, who looked after them when they were babies.

According to legend, the boys grew up, and later founded the city of Rome. After some time, they began to argue, and eventually Romulus killed Remus. As Romulus was the only brother alive, the city was called Rome after him. Let's move on in history to the s, when a set of twins called the Kray Brothers caused a lot of trouble in London's East End.

Ronnie and Reggie Kray were both nightclub owners. They had expensive lifestyles, and through their nightclubs they met several American stars like Frank Sinatra and Judv Garland. However, they were also incredibly violent gangsters, and they became the leaders of organized crime in the city.

They were i nvolved in many robberies and murders, until they were eventually arrested in They were both sent to prison for life, and they both died when they were in their sixties. On a happier note, the youngest twins ever to become famous are the Olsen twins. They played the part of a little girl, and they played the same part for eight years.

The producers used both sisters to play the same part, so that they didn't break the law on the number of hours a child could work. The show was very popular with American audiences.

Today, the twins have grown up, and they have a fashion business. And I'm afraid that's all we have time for. Join me, Roy Thompson, at 4 o'clock tomorrow afternoon for another two hours of Thompson's Choice. Bye for now. A Newsreader And now it's time for the news. Police have found the year-old man who went missing last Monday evening.

Dennis Leighton was found in his car on the M25 motorway. He had left home on Monday morning to drive to his daughter's house, a distance of about 90 kilometres. However, Mr Leighton had got lost, and he had spent 30 hours driving round in circles trying to find the right exit. Mr Leighton had stopped at several service stations to sleep, but he then carried on driving.

After being treated in hospital for hypothermia, he has finally been reunited with his family. A tourist had a lucky escape yesterday while she was doing a bungee jump off the Victoria Falls in Zambia.

Twenty-two-year-old Erin Langworthy fell into the river because her bungee rope had broken when she jumped. She landed in the water with her feet still tied to the broken rope, and then she swam to safety. Ms Langworthy was taken straight to hospital after the accident, but had no serious injuries. A Swedish woman has found the white gold wedding ring that she lost over 16 years ago. Lena Paahlsson had taken off the ring while she was cooking with her daughters.

When she went to put it back on again, it had disappeared. That is. The ring doesn't fit Mrs Paahlsson any more, but she is going to have it made bigger.

An Australian woman had a frightening experience last night, when she discovered an adult crocodile in her living room. Forty-two-year-old Jo Dodd got out of bed when she heard her dog barking.

When she opened the bedroom door, she saw a crocodile in the middle of the room. Mrs Dodd woke her husband, who called the local Crocodile Management Centre, and a crocodile catcher came to take the animal away. The crocodile had escaped from a nearby crocodile farm earlier in the week.

And that's all for now. I'll be back again at 9 o'clock for the next news bulletin. B Alan Who do you think gossips more, Jess? Men or women? Jess Well. I gossip quite a lot with my female colleagues at work, so I suppose that women are the biggest gossips.

What do you think? Alan Yes, that's what I thought too, but it says here that it's actually men who are the biggest gossips. That's what the results of this survey say, anyway. Jess What survey? Alan This one here in the newspaper. It says the survey was carried out by a telecommunications company.

They wanted to do research into gossiping for a new service they're offering. The aim of the survey was to find out what sort of people enjoy gossiping, and how much time thev spend doing it. Jess So what did they find out? Alan Well, they had quite a big surprise. The study showed that a fifth of the men they interviewed said they spent at least three hours a day gossiping. Jess Wow! That's a lot!

And where do they usually gossip? Alan Most of them said they usually gossiped at work. Hang on.. Jess Goodness! I didn't realize men had so much to say! Did they tell the researchers what they usually talked about? Alan Yes. They said that their main topics of conversation were their women colleagues, and who in the company would get the next promotion.

Jess The bit about women colleagues doesn't surprise me in the least. So, what about the women in the survey? Did they say what they talked about? Alan Yes, they did. Thev told the researchers that they talked about the problems they were having in their families. They also chatted about what was happening in their favourite TV series.

So what about you, Alan? Do you ever gossip at work? Alan What? No, never! I wouldn't dream of it! C� Speaker 1 I used to watch a quiz show called Mastermind. It was a very serious show, and the quizmaster was Magnus Magnusson. Each of the four contestants had to answer two rounds of questions: firstly, on their specialist subject, for example, Dickens, or the Second World War, and then on general knowledge.

The thing I remember most is the quizmaster's catch phrase, 'I've started, so I'll finish. It's been on TV for years-since , in fact, and, although I don't watch it any more, it's still very popular. There are two teams with the same captain each time, and all of the guests are sportsmen and women. The teams have to answer questions about sport, and the show is quite amusing, actually.

Speaker 3 I used to watch Call my Bluff; a quiz show about words. There were alwavs two teams made up of a captain and two celebrities. Each team was given a word, a very unusual word, and the three team members had to give a different definition -one was true and the other two were false.

The other team had to guess the correct definition. It used to be quite funny. Speaker 4 I've always enjoyed the quiz show. Who wants to be a Millionaire? It started in the U K in , and it's still on TV today. In each show, one contestant is asked a series of questions, and they have to choose the right answer out of four possible options.

It's quite exciting, really, as the contestant can win up to a million pounds if they're good. Speaker 5 My favourite quiz show when I was a teenager was Pop Quiz. It wasn't on for long -only a couple of vears -but I used to love it. There were two teams made up of a captain, who was the same person each time, and some guests, who were all pop stars.

The teams had to answer different questions about pop music and musicians, and I used to watch it every week. Listen to a conversation between two people at a party. Why does Ben leave? Then listen again and repeat the words. But then what? Just a minute. But we do have this one and it's the same price. Or you can have a 10 r.

Which question did the experiment hope to answer? Was it successful? Well, most of these are possible -the best thing to do depends on where the crocodile is at the time. If it comes towards you on land, experts say you should turn around and run away as fast as possible. The band released their first single 'Love Me Do' in October, They started touring the country.

John married his first wife, Cynthia, in secret, and his first son, Julian, was born while they were away. Fans went mad wherever The Beatles played and all of their albums reached the number one spot in the charts.

I The singer-songwriter and guitarist John Lennon is one of the greatest musicians of all time. Songs like Givepeacea chance and Imagine made him famous all over the world. Later, George Harrison joined them as lead guitarist. In , they became The Beatles and they started looking for a drummer. Ringo Starr replaced their original drummer, Pete Best, in Complete the sentences with the past simple of the verbs and the correct preposition.

Go to bed and 2 at the same time each day and you will have more energy than if you sleep the same number of hours at different times.

Make sure you can say them in British and American English. Load the disc in your computer. File test: At the end of every File, there is a test. To do the test, load the iChecker and select 'Tests'. Select the test for the File you have just finished. B Being happy C Learn a language in a month! B If something can go wrong C What a coincidence!

Anonymous ere are you from? Write the verbs in the present continuous. Complete the sentences with these prepositions. On the right of the picture, a man and a woman 3 walk their dogs. On the left, a man on the grass. He looks like he 5 lie relax. In the sit middle of the picture, two girls down.

Maybe they 8 wait for some friends? Or perhaps watch the other people? B Yes. It's great to be here. I can see the Empire State Building from my window. B Really? Who's William? A It's time to go. You m b really tired. B I guess you're right. It's great to see you, too. Complete the sentences with at, in, or on. We to go to Portugal, so we ; a beautiful apartment online. A week later, we a taxi to the airport. We 5 at the airport at two o'clock, and we 6 to check in.

The woman at the desk 7 us for our passports. We 8 9 find them. So we 10 in our bags, but we home! Complete the questions. Four years ago. They booked it online. At two o'clock. She asked for their passports. They went back home. Which speaker?

Use the past simple and past continuous. They were arguing when the waiter brought the hill. Last summer 1 1 went go to Los Angeles to stay with my cousin for a few weeks. One afternoon we 2 have lunch in a nice restaurant in the centre of town when my cousin 3 get a call on her mobile phone and went outside to talk. While she 4 speak to her friend, I suddenly 5 notice a man in a black hat who 6 sit at the next table.

It was the actor Johnny Depp! He was alone, and 1 7 decide to take my chance. So I got up and 8 go to his table. He say yes, so I pass take stop a waitress who 11 by and gave her my camera. She 12 the photo of me and Johnny, I thanked them both, and then I returned to my table.

When my cousin 13 come back, 1 14 smile. Where is he? I flew to Lima, and then travelled to a town near Machu Picchu to spend the night. We had a great summer, and we carried on seeing each other back home. In fact, we got married two years later, and we now have a beautiful daughter called Hannah.

Complete each sentence with so, because, but, or although. Rewrite the sentences using the words in brackets. Try to remember the sentences. Last summer, I flew to New York with my boyfriend to visit some friends. The flight left from terminal 1, so my brother dropped us outside the building.

We went shopping. After that, we made our way to the 5 g to board our plane. We had a good flight, but we were very tired when we landed at JFK Airport.

There was a The new airport is going to have eight runways. Match the speakers with the places in the box. Airport every year. However, by the end of the next decade there's going to be a new airport even bigger and busier than Atlanta.

The new airport is going to be in the capital of China: Beijing. Then I wouldn't have to wait in airport security lines. Jenny When" Philip In August. Jenny What 6 there? Philip I don't know. Finally, we went to 7 B R to pick up our bags. We needed a 8 tr this time because of all our suitcases. Nobody stopped us at 9 C 10 A so we went straight to where our friends were waiting for us. Copy the rhythm. How many airports is Beijing going to have in ?

Nearly 54 million passengers pass through Atlanta International Learn these words and phrases. We 1 're starting start our trip in about five minutes, so please make yourselves comfortable. We 2 drive you straight to Dover -we 3 not stop for breakfast on the way. When we arrive in France, we We 6 go straight to Paris with no stops.

We 7 stop in Torcy, just outside Paris. We 8 arrive in Paris at about midday, so you have all afternoon to go sightseeing and shop. We 9 pick you up from the station in Torcy at 5. We 10 catch the ferry home at 8. Now, any questions? Don't worry. B Are you? B I know. Read the advert again.

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