Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. I am about to paint my top sides and deck. I'm doing much of it bit by bit without a haul.

I saw the system 3 epoxy undercoat, and also pu top coats which are water wash up. No dangerous solvents. I want to roll and not spray. I also dont want to tip. Just roll. So I want the paint to not bubble too.

Now are they any good and where can I get something like this in Australia? Also what is a fog deck grip system? Pait grip seems good but expensive and heavy.

What about norglass weatherfast marine deck paint? Its only a single pack which contains synthetic granules. It seems like a good price. I wonder if single pack paints will lass and I wonder what happens when its time to re coat. I want to just use white for everything, maybe the cockpit will be grey non slip to hide dirt, but the rest I just want white for heat reasons. The boat is the cat in my pic. DennisRBNov 27, Have you looked at boatcraft pacifics aquacote and tredgrip.

I mail ordered some stuff from them and they were good to deal. I cannot speak to the longevity of the water based LPU's. I played around with a sample from System 3 years ago but didn't end up using it.

I've used solvent based LPU's Interlux Perfection exclusively on my boat and am very peased with the results. If you use white or light colors you will get great results with the solvent based LPU's without any tipping, they level out very nicely.

As for non skid I've always used Interlux Intergrip non-skid additive. I understand your concerns regarding the solvents but my understanding 2 Pack Epoxy Paint For Boats 02 is that it's the isocyanates that you need to be concerned about and they do not become airborne when you roll the paint on.

Read up, follow the instructions to the letter especially surface prep and priming and you'll get a great finish. I hear horror mraning about these paints. I always find that people don't prep properly, don't follow the instructions and especially try to apply the paint too heavily or thin the paint too. The expression "less is more" is true with these paints. Two pack paint for boats meaning coats are best. You'll be fine. I'm strictly an amateur but mewning by these paints.

Sure, but they hold up. More time boating less time painting. I understand that they're fod for everyone paibt you really do get what you pay. In the pictures below all you see is Snow White Perfection.

Rolled and brushed along the trim. Not tipped and not sprayed. The boat was painted outside under an a-frame type cover tarps. Harrison's first flight, Pearls first painh on the water JPG File size: Pity the op didn't have the courtesy to reply. I would Two pack paint for boats meaning interested to know what these waterbased 2 epoxy paints are like.

In my waterproofing business we used 2 pack water based epoxy coatings with great success. I imagine the paints should be just as good. These aren't really water based epoxies, but have emulsifiers to permit water clean up. In fact, if you just place a brush under a water tap, the paint doesn't two pack paint for boats meaning.

You have to use soap and scrub. Technically it's the activator hardener that has the two pack paint for boats meaning in it. I've used and like the System 3 "Yacht Primer" which is what I suspect you're talking. In fact, it will cure if fully submersed in water, in spite of it being a "waterborne" product it's a moisture cure product.

It sands well, but you should sand it within 72 hours two pack paint for boats meaning it gets a lot whole harder to sand afterward. It's painnt with most paints. It does shrink up a bit, so don't topcoat for a few days, to let it cure. PARDec 1, Sorry for late replies guys. I appreciate two pack paint for boats meaning responses. Just been two pack paint for boats meaning buying paint, working and studying etc and wanted to make a detailed response with links meainng I will two pack paint for boats meaning sure to post results here.

I ended up buying Australian made solvent based Norglass products. Half the price of international and I had a review from someone who has used both and says its as good if not better. The colours for the deck are Arctic white and the rest of the boat will be Ivory. They are both just slightly off whites. The current grey is too hot to stand on. Have you seen the trend in cars these days where the paint is a satin finish?

I think it looks great and wonder if it would be a mistake to try to replicate this in a boat. I wonder if a flattening agent would mean future repairs would be easlier to blend or harder? Will this satin finish hide or accentuate repairs and blemishes? Shipshape primer-undercoat.

The ultimate high-build performance coating to obliterate background irregularities and provide filling properties prior to coating with single or 2 pack finishes. Suitable apint areas of continuous immersion and osmosis repairs.

Commonly used as a primer-undercoat and as a topcoat in the bilge areas of boats because of its satin gloss finish. Excellent chemical, waterproofing and weathering properties. Ideal for refurbishing most surfaces and where a superior long lasting coating is required. Home, leisure, commercial, industry and suitable as a food grade coating. The profile also facilitates easy cleaning. For use on fibreglass, steel, concrete, timber and aluminium decks.

DennisRBDec 1, Missing in Action your boat looks great. But with a rolled finish it always does in pics. Is there much stipple close up? What about boahs or foam stuck in the finish? Do you have any tips to meanign that as I have heard that it can be an issue. What are two pack paint for boats meaning dangers of over thinning? How much is the max? When rolling in the heat I thought maybe extra thinners would help smooth the finish and I could just put an extra coat on?

What would be the pitfalls of trying this? I want a decent looking boat, but I dont care if it is not super shiny from 6 feet away. Right now its a total mess. I want a finish I can cruise with and live aboard without fear of real world minor damage but I dont want to devalue it too much com compared to a spray job. DennisRBDec 2, Dennis, the cut for spray operations is dependant on a few things, like environmental conditions, the equipment used, etc, but the general rule is just enough to remove stipple.

Hairs and foam mean you're not prepping the roller or brush or using the wrong kind. If using a hair roller, run some tape over the roller before it sees paint, which will remove loose hairs. There are solvent tolerant foam brushes. Most of the higher end paint formulation will have a tropical wetting agent or hardener available. Excess solvent will not help the finish, probably make things worse as the paint loses too much surface tension to lay down without sagging or running.

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Nov 26, �� If you�re looking for the best combination of finish and durability, then two-pack boat paints are your best bet. Unlike single-pack paints, they rely on two components being added together and cure with a chemical reaction, so are much more hardwearing than one-pack paint. Mar 29, �� 2 Pack Paint, or 2 Pack; Acrylic Enamel, is a paint system involving an acrylic paint melamine (Colour), and a hardener resin. When combined, these two resins result in a chemical reaction producing a hardened solution. 2 Pack Epoxy 2 Pack Epoxy Paint For Boats 3d Top Coat Boat Paint Overview. Our 2Pk Epoxy Topcoat Boat Paint is a gloss coating is especially developed to provide a durable coating for a wide range of substrates, including steel, wood & concrete. Ideal for boats, barges, marine vessels, equipment & myboat205 boatplans: Trade Paints.

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