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Using towable tubes for boating to pull behind boats is great fun for all the family and requires no athletic ability apart from hanging on. They are available in a range of styles from a hot dog tube to a 3 person tube with various seating positions. The best towable tube is the SPORTSSTUFF Super Mable, which is suitable for 3 riders and features heavy-duty EVA foam pads and multiple grab handles.� The enjoyment from being towed behind boats on an inflatable is great and totally worth the money. Below is a list of the best towable tubes for boating where both adults and children can enjoy the water. #1 SPORTSSTUFF Super Mable Towable. The SportsStuff Super Mable is for those who want the thrill of high speed upon the water. Searching for the best towable tubes for boating? Here's our favorites, including Airhead tubes, four-person tubes, sumo tubes, flying tubes and everything in between. By Brett Becker. October 12, The best towable tubes for boating come in all shapes and sizes�while some Airhead tubes focus on creating a more social experience with multiple riders and tubes, others look to enhance speed and aerial performance. Some of the top inflatable tube manufacturers include Airhead, Rave Sports, Wow Watersports, Connelly and Obrien. For more tubing action, read our feature on Safe Family Tubin. The banana boat or torpedo style tube has been around for years. It was one of the first towable shapes designed. The advantage of the new WOW design is that the riders each have their own fixed, recessed cockpit with backrest that holds the riders in place as they glide across the water?s surface. The cockpits also keep the riders separated in case of a spill. Plus, extra wide pontoons on both sides enhance the balance and stability of this Boating Gifts Under $ Save on Under $50 at myboat350 boatplans

We purchase every product we review with our own funds � we never accept anything from product manufacturers. Looking for some exhilaration and fun on the water? Consider water tubing. All you need is a motorized boat, a tow line, a towable tube, and a body of water where you can do some laps. What kind of tube is best? That depends on what your goals are. There are tubes designed for slow trips up and down the lake � perfect for the young, old, and slightly timid.

This guide will help you to find the best tube for your next family outing. In it, we examine the styles, features, and prices you can expect to find when shopping for a towable tube. We also touch on a number of our own tube recommendations. Towable tubes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are five general style umbrellas under which they all belong: donut tubes, cockpit tubes, deck tubes, banana tubes, and chariot tubes.

No surprises here: this tube is shaped like a donut. Donut tubes are simple, inexpensive tubes that you can usually sit, kneel, or lie on. They generally support one rider, although larger tubes may be able to support more. One downside to this type of tube is that they have a tendency to roll easily. These tubes usually contain some form of seat with sides built around it to give you some support. Cockpit tubes tend to be safer than donut tubes, and as such are great for kids.

The tubes vary in size but can usually accommodate two or more riders. A deck tube is flat and usually V-shaped.

This type of tube can hold several riders lying down. This type of tube is meant to be straddled. Banana or hot dog shaped, the tubes are long and thin and designed to be sat upon. They have less drag in the water and can accommodate several riders at once. If you choose, you can flip the tube around and ride it like a chariot. This dual-tow feature opens up your tubing fun to a wide range of riders. Any tube you consider should be designed with one or more inner PVC bladders.

It should have a thick outer covering made of double-stitched nylon, polyester, neoprene, or PVC. The rugged outer material keeps the inner bladder safe from the forces unleashed by the water and the riders as the tube is dragged around. Tubes without hand grips are essentially aquatic launching pads. Hand grips should be secure enough to withstand the pressures of you hanging on for dear life while also being comfortable.

The area where the tow line connects to the tube is called the tow point, and it goes without saying that it should be one of the sturdiest sections of the tube.

The majority of tubes will have one tow point, although some tubes, such as those of the chariot style, will feature one in the front and one in the back for different towing experiences. Some tubes include pockets for storing the tow rope or other valuables. Any tube storage compartments should be zippered or offer some other way to secure their contents.

A towable tube that is just built for durability is going to be a bit of a rough ride. In order to protect passengers from the ravages of tube burn, any tube you are considering should offer padding to protect against burn and prevent riders from easily sliding off. Inflatable headrests or backrests increase comfort, as do inflated seat bottoms. A tube that is quick to inflate is a tube that will be on the water all the faster.

Consider a tube with something like a Boston valve to help with both inflation and deflation. A Boston valve is a special kind of screw-on valve that allows air to go in but not out. This can be a great help in terms of quickly and fully inflating the tube. The tube should also have some form of flap or covering that can be secured over the valve to protect both it and riders when the tube is in use.

Know the actual physical size of the tube, both inflated and deflated. Some of these are pretty large and may be a handful to use and store. Overloading the tube with too much weight or too many people puts everyone at risk. Check the forecast before heading out. High winds and severe storms can blow in quickly. Know what to expect, weatherwise , before your tube ever hits the water, and keep up-to-date on conditions if they are at all questionable.

The heat will expand the air within the tube, which could lead to over-inflation and tube damage. Invest in an electric inflator. These are inexpensive and can save you both time and energy when inflating your tube. Investing in one of these will help to keep the rope out of the water, which reduces drag and helps improve the tube ride.

For safety, always include a spotter on the boat. This person can let the driver know when someone has fallen off the tube and use a flag to wave off other boats when someone is in the water. A comfortable towable tube, preferably with cup holders, can double as a relaxing floating tube when you want to take a break from water tubing. Boat drivers should familiarize themselves with who they will be towing before heading out.

Ages, familiarity with towable tubes, swimming experience, and the number of riders that will be on the tube are all important to know so the driver can provide the safest conditions possible.

In addition to the towable tubes we selected for our matrix, we wanted to mention a few others that stood out for us. The single-rider Airhead Rebel Tube Kit Tubes For Boats Walmart includes everything you need � tube, inflator, tow rope � in one lake-ready package. Finally, the Rave Sports Warrior 2 Towable Ski Tube looks amazing and provides comfortable full-back support for two riders.

If you fall off the tube out in the middle of the water � and chances are you will at some point � you are going to want an easy way to climb back on.

Boarding straps and sturdy hand grips are two features to look for. The overall design of the tube can also provide more stability when you are trying to climb back on. It is not advisable.

Specialized tow ropes are designed with a high breaking point and generally sold by specific weight or rider limits. For safety, the length of the tow line should be 50 to 65 feet long. For safety and performance reasons, you should inflate your tube to the point where it is firm.

It should support an adult sitting on it with little give, and the covering should be tight with no wrinkles. A fun towable tube that's designed to accommodate more than 1 rider. However, its longevity is questionable and it can be challenging to steer.

A gigantic, sturdy and stable towing tube that riders of all ages will enjoy. A fun 1-rider towable tube that shows little wear even after multiple seasons of use. A stable but fun towable for multiple riders, particularly kids. Better for 1 rider than 2, this offers towable fun for multiple seasons thanks to a sturdy cover and bladder. BestReviews wants to be better. Please take our 3-minute survey, and give us feedback about your visit today. Take Survey.

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Updated September Written by Melissa Nott. Table of Contents Buying guide for best towable tubes for boating Tube styles Important considerations Questions to ask before buying a towable tube Tips Other products we considered FAQ.

Buying guide for best towable tubes for boating Looking for some exhilaration and fun on the water? Your first decision when considering a towable tube: what style should you buy? Sign up. Buy a tube for its visual appeal, but also keep in mind that a brightly colored tube offers greater visibility on the water.

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