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A long, slim, but richly curving double-ender that is a pleasure to row. Ideal for two rowers. He used the boat for hauling a handful of lobster traps. When the decision to retire BABSON was made, it seemed fitting to build a replica hull the wooden boat school 700 the original boat to take patterns, then make some small functional improvements which have led to easier use and improved safety.

Our shop and waterfront staff ably maintains her each season. Jon Wilson found smallscale drawings for this vessel in a issue of Boating magazine no relation to the contemporary magazine. Taken with the lines, Jon published the original plans in WoodenBoat 2 and later asked Joel White to create working drawings.

Over six summers 2 weeks a summer for 5 seasons and 4 weeks Wooden Boat House 700 for 1 season Swifty led an assortment of dedicated students through the lofting process, set-up, framing, planking, decking, house construction, and rigging. The sloop is named after a highly regarded boatbuilder, instructor, and friend of WoodenBoat School.

After a summer of sea trials, a series of seamanship courses have been offered on her each year. With plenty of lines to handle, she has proven herself to be a wonderful teaching tool and is very capable in both light and stiff breezes.

With the passing of each sailing season, this Friendship Sloop is fast becoming a familiar and friendly sight in local waters. She is used in sailing courses and by our staff. If interested, ask the waterfront staff when she might have room for crew.

With well-balanced, relatively high ends, this lean and long yawl shows considerable reserve buoyancy above the waterline throughout her length. Set the mizzen first and it will keep the boat squarely into the wind while you raise the mainsail. To assure positive tacking, simply back the mizzen to the inside of the turn as you come. Pulling the tiller forward will turn the boat to port.

This boat was named in honor of Gordon Swift, an outstanding boatbuilder and long-time instructor at WoodenBoat School who passed away in Fenwick Williams gave his friend, Maynard Lowery, the plans for this boat just before Fenwick went into a nursing home, saying it reminded him of his youth in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

It was the smallest catboat he ever designed. Only sixteen feet long and twelve and one-half feet on the waterline, it has a large comfortable cockpit that can seat four in regal style for an afternoon sail. The boats are seaworthy, good looking, well built, and long lasting.

They seem much bigger than the wooden boat school 700 really are�and very, very safe. One can hardly ask for more than that in a small boat. In getting underway, hoist the mainsail before the jib. Jib outhaul must be tightened up when sailing, and then slacked off in order to properly furl. Pump, sponge, and oarlocks are stowed in the lazarette. In getting underway, hoist the mainsail before the the wooden boat school 700, and take up on the peak halyard until diagonal wrinkles appear, running from peak to tack.

This lovely rowing boat was taken from the lines of an old tender ca. The Whitehall has always been a favorite of amateur builders and many, many plans of this boat have been sold.

This handsome dinghy is an ideal family daysailer. It is stable, will carry up to four people, sails well, and will provide plenty of delight to all on board. This is a handsome, stable dory that is a fun boat to row. Traditionally used as workboats, dories, if properly handled, provide a wonderful source of pleasure and exercise to the oarsperson.

Very responsive and quick. Take along a couple of cushions to sit on for more comfort. Just who built the original design and when are not known for sure, although it is reputed to have been built about at Northport, Maine, by a member of a Northport boatbuilding family by the name of The wooden boat school 700. The skiff is not heavy for its size and is a very speedy rower, although a bit tender. This is the classic yacht club racing boat and wonderful craft to learn the art of small boat sailing.

The wooden boat school 700 good-size sail makes it a fun boat to sail. Take along a couple of cushions to sit on for added comfort. She sails best with the gaff well peaked up.

JESSE is an all-purpose boat. This is Wooden Lobster Boat Model Kits 700 a jewel of a boat! She is not easily adapable to the wooden boat school 700 power, primarily because the weight of the motor throws her fine hull out of trim, but she rows well the wooden boat school 700 to provide plenty of efficiency and speed, even with a load.

For the wooden boat school 700 and safety, adult sailors should sit on the floor, not thwarts, when under sail. A finely made spoon-bladed double-paddle can make this little craft really fly. She is an unusually enjoyable solo boat, yielding that exhilarating experience of personal freedom so necessary to the lone paddler.

This boat is a perfect choice for gliding silently over a clear body of water. This great little double-ended craft is a more able version of J. It is small and light as to be easily portable, yet able to carry its paddler over long distances, be safe in choppy conditions, and be exceptionally maneuverable in confined waters.

Excellent rowing and sailing dinghy for beginners on up. As in most boats this size, trim is very important; try to keep her level fore and aft, perhaps a little bow high when going to weather. When rowing with one passenger aboard, use the forward rowing station. Our Fleet of Small Craft Select boat name to view details. Alumni of the school, along with our shop staff, completely renovated the interior and also added new decks, coamings, and rails over the next two years.

The flat bottom aft and the V bottom forward make for a comfortable ride in all sea conditions. The hp motor can push this hull at 25 knots when necessary. Designer: W. Displacement: approx. This roomy, shoal-draft boat will give a good account of herself in a the wooden boat school 700 range of wind the wooden boat school 700 sea conditions, and with a variety of loads.

Rig: Lug Sail area: sq. With her light weight and narrow beam, she accelerates remarkably. Joel based this design on a Norwegian workboat.

Under sail, she seems equally fast with one or two in anything but light airs, and benefits from the stability of a second crew member. Construction: Plank on frame Usual location: Mooring This is the classic yacht club racing boat and wonderful craft to learn the art of small boat sailing.

Usual location: Mooring This is the classic yacht club racing boat and wonderful craft to learn the art of small boat sailing. Baker Builder: Robert H. Baker Construction: Cedar lapstrake on steam bent oak ribs Usual location: Boat rack in Boathouse This is a jewel of a boat!

The wooden boat school 700 lbs. Rigging, rudder, tiller, daggerboard all stored in Boathouse Excellent rowing and sailing dinghy for beginners on up. This was one of the best experiences of my life!


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The median garage has copiousness of room to erect the boat as well as the amply large doorway to let we send it when it is achieved .

During the week, there will be time to discuss various designs and building techniques and which might be the most practical for the first-time builder. All this will happen while students build a Joel White�designed Shellback dinghy. Students will use traditional methods of cutting and fitting the planks.

If time allows, interior details like quarter knees, seats and outwales will be made and fitted. While offering something for most skill levels, this week is geared toward the budding boatbuilder. He guarantees every boat built in one of his classes will float.

Note: This is a six-day course ending Saturday afternoon. Imagine a boat so light that you can put it on your shoulder and stroll casually down a wooded trail, carry it to a hidden lake or stream, or paddle it with almost no effort. The canoe tracks well, is easy to turn, and is stable enough for fishing and camping.

I left Boat School with great confidence in my abilities to build, solve�. Apply Now. Welcome to Craftsmanship The School serves as a repository of knowledge that is preserved through active practice. Learn more about admissions. Unique Hands-On Education In an increasingly digital world, we provide experiential education to teach time-honored skills to new generations of craftspeople. View Programs. Location, location, location Pacific Northwest The Boat School is located in the heart of more than maritime businesses on Port Townsend Bay and surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Learn About Our Area. Our Programs. Contemporary Wooden Boatbuilding This program teaches students how to build wooden boats using strip planking, stich-and-glue, plywood, cold molding, and laminating techniques applicable to both small and large vessels.

Marine Systems This program covers tasks integral to boat building and repair, such as electrical systems, corrosion, diesel engines, propulsion, hydraulics, marine plumbing, and marine HVAC. Admissions Process The school has admitted the maximum number of students for Boatbuilding programs starting October Applicants who are interested� Read More.

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