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Model Ship Fittings, Accessories & Parts. The largest range of wooden model ship & model boat fittings, accessories & parts available. Modelers Central is the no.1 destination for scratch model ship builders.. There are over 90 model ship fittings categories from anchors to wire, the scratch model boat builder will find what they need here. Hobbylinc carries 53 wooden boat model accessories at discounts up to 49%. The most popular wooden boat model accessories brands include Latina Ship Models, Stevens Model Boat Lights, Vintage Sterling Model Boat Kits Quotes Model Shipways, and Constructo. Wooden Model Ship Kit store is a great resource for me and my wooden ship building projects. They have a very extensive inventory of all the things a hobbyist would need. The staff is wonderfully helpful and made sure my large order was properly filled.

For more recent exchange rates, please use the Universal Currency Converter. Item Location. Amati has been manufacturing ship model kits since the s. The dimension stated is the distance between the end kitd when fully closed. Item Location. Free International Shipping.

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