Jul 25, �� The 10 percent difference in strength is relatively inconsequential while the thicker aluminum still has a substantial weight advantage: pounds per square foot of hull compared to pounds per square foot for the steel yacht, less than half the weight of steel. An aluminum hull structure, built to the same standards, weighs roughly 35% to 45% less than the same hull in steel. As a result, if high strength is of the highest priority, the alloy boat can be built to the same structural weightas the steel vessel, and then be considerably stronger. While steel is as strong as aluminum, it's very, very heavy, so that's not great. Wood is heavy as well, and prone to rot - so aluminum wins. Even the lightweight fiberglass is more .
Aluminium vs Steel. Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Wynand N, Dec 3, Page 1 of 6.� From a corrosion resistance stand point, aluminum is intrinsically better than steel, however you need to be careful of galvanic or dissimilar metals corrosion.� The yacht floated well without leaks and the only damage sustained except for pride and paint job, was a damaged rudder and shaft. She made it back to port under own power. This is the stuff that makes me excited about the virtues of steel as a building material for cruising yachts. Imagine a fibreglass boat ending up in the same situation. My question: would aluminuim survived the above incident with the same or less damage?. Sales (General) Manager - Think Yachts Asia Inc. Like. � Each metal has their pros and cons and with the help of leading marine metal work companies Yachting Pages has created this complete guide to aluminium boat hulls vs. steel boat hulls. Advantages of aluminium boat hulls over steel boat hulls. Aluminium is light, strong, has good corrosion resistance and is flexible to work with. From a shipyards point of view, aluminium is a great material to use; it can be cut with power tools, dressed with a router, filed and shaped easily. Mike Schooley from Ruben Donaque a marine metal repair and fabrication business agreed, he said, �Aluminium, is light a. Steel cost vs. aluminum cost is always a hot topic, especially with all the tariffs on imported goods our U.S. administration is throwing around. Steel tubing varies in price due to the differences in carbon, mild, and stainless steel. Stainless steel alloys are made with a certain percentage of chromium and other trace minerals, which drives the price up. Basic carbon steels and mild steels are much cheaper, and aluminum's price falls somewhere between carbon and stainless steel. These basic steels Aluminum Boat Trailer Vs Steel win in the cost category. However, as with most things, there are other sacrifices made if.


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