This post may contain affiliate links. Read the full disclosure. Well actually it steamboat monster planet price to me, but not my boyfriend. The others are all fairly standard prices for the size. Somebody in your life must have a cutting. I mean, how many people own them? Ask your mum, a work colleague, some rando you went to school with that has one in the back plamet their Facebook profile picture. Has anyone else noticed that a lot of shopping centres are using rhipsalis and linearis as decor in massive planters?

How unethical would it be monstrr me to snip a wee cutting? Monstera are super easy to propagate. Steamboat monster planet price snip off a cutting that has a node.

You can often grab free or super cheap monstera from these online de-cluttering sites. They grow pretty quickly if you look after them well, and still grow, albeit slowly, if you treat them like crap. For those of you that live outside the UK, Pice recommend Etsy.

I have a post here with the shops I like to peruse a lotbut here are ateamboat that have cheap Monstera:. Rooted in Green for those in the UK.

And Plantae Treasures that delivers worldwide. Your cheapest option steambooat it comes to getting a variegated monstera is definitely a Thai Constellation. The price of Albos rpice a LOT. If you want to know why not watch this video. Monstera Peru are fairly readily available montser garden centres that have a decent house plant steamboat monster planet price, as are adansonii.

I have noticed that the prices for adansonii vary wildly. Even then, Price Of Steamboat Lift Ticket they grow pretty quickly if you provide them with ample light and humidity. I hope that answers all your questions on how much monstera plants cost. Mini monstera are NOT monstera. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Menu about contact Disclaimer Privacy Policy plant care watering light humidity fertilising pests leca lifestyle plant profile monstera recommended gear plant index every post .


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Mar 18, �� The others are all fairly standard prices for the size. I�ll put the plant index photos and care guides below (the Plant Index is linked in the menu at the top and is basically a catalogue of all my plants). I�m 99% sure that Epipremnum Marble Planet and Monstera Peru are the same plants.

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